Thursday, May 22, 2014


     Watching the news of the last two days (of course that includes today!), I feel like shaking my head back and forth and allow my lips to flop while  bubbbbbbbbbaaaaddddddaaaabbbbbaaaa comes out of my mouth. I'll tell you, that ain't a pretty sight (kind of slobbery as well!). If Sir Issac Newton were alive, he would have to agree that gravity no longer pulls objects towards the ground, instead gravity launches the objects into orbit. Einstein would have to retract his calculation that E=MC2. Copernicus and Galileo would have to restate their observation, that the universe is not heliocentered and reverse their statements and agree that the sun does orbit the earth. Why am I talking gibberish? Nothing is rational or makes sense any longer. Common Sense is just a pamphlet that Thomas Paine wrote to entreat readers to look at thing inside out and then believe it was right side out. I know I'm on a crazy tangent, but why not? The liberals and Democrats are asking us to view our country, government and their beliefs as being rational and sane. Right now I'm pulling on my already thin, gray hair trying my best to view the world from their eyes and I realize they're blind, evil and self absorbed, unwilling to yield to common sense or views that do not coincide with their diatribe of idiocy. 
     This is how dictators rise. They confuse the populace into loving them and believing they have the people's best interest at heart. Give them government funded healthcare, job security, enlarged government and by having your best interest at heart by convincing you to turn in your guns to the government, officially disarming the populace. (The point being, no militias to keep the government in check). The dictator surrounds him or herself with people who share the dictator's view (Eric (the racist) Holder, Susan (It was the video) Rice, Hillary (I lied in Watergate, and what does it matter) Clinton, the Vietnam traitor John Kerry, Jay (bobble head) Carney, Nancy (mummified) Pelosi, Harry (I'm just insane) Reid, and the rest of the Looney Tunes Characters. Here comes a big hint of a dictatorship on the rise; they replace the most knowledgeable and experienced military personnel with their own military leaders by forcing out the best into early retirement or discrediting them. That solves resistance to their, oh my here comes the word...AGENDA!
     I'm a firm believer a good president would look at the country as his family. A good parent always puts the needs of their children ahead of their own wants and needs. They plan for the future so their children will be able to achieve more than the parent was able to achieve. They supply for the wants and needs of their family better than then how they had to live when they grew up, not wanting the family to suffer. Most of all, a good parent is super protective of their children, willing to give their life to protect his or her family. They will safegaurd them by fencing in the yard, securing the house with the best protection they can provide to keep out intruders, while safeguarding his family inside their home and yard. No outsider would be allowed to harm or threaten his or her family without quick and decisive retribution. The good parent teaches their family how to work within a budget by example. Family decisions are open for discussion, without anyone being allowed to denigrate another family member's ideas that may not be line up with the rest of the family. A good parent will help enhance their family's lives, not drag them into the gutter by spending or gambling the money wastefully. A good parent will reward the family with an allowance (paid bonuses) for work actually performed. A good parent will discipline the family, even if it means quickly removing what has created the problem  A good parent would tell their family, they may have it better financially than the next door neighbors, but never flaunt it. Now I ask I crazy, or is this what a good parent does? Being a good parent is not always easy, especially when tough decisions must be made, but is rewarding when he sees how the family has prospered and grown more stable because of the decision.
     Now compare what a GOOD PARENT would do for this country and ask, "Is our government and the Obama Administration a good parent or should the bad parents lose their children so they can removed from a chaotic and harmful environment, while the bad parent faces the full might of the law for harming or allowing harm to come to their children?"
     We as a country are facing a crossroad. Skyrocketing National Debt, an enormous government that even pays contractors to hire people to do nothing all day, The IRS and other government entities taking paid great vacations (excuse me, they are work related trips, they just happen to Samba for work encouragement), laws forced down our throats, even if they hurt our economy. Special interest groups who are paying the BLM to commit land grabs (for what you may ask...let me know if you find that answer), EPA regulations choking the life out of any possible future manufacturing interests, the smoking gun called 'Global Warming'...what a rip off and the lies, to cover lies to cover more lies. Oh. let's not forget we have a president who gets all of his Intel from the media! all his aides, because Fox (I know Barrack, that hurt), CNN, ABC, CBS and on and on are his true aides. I've come to the conclusion that Obama is actually a store mannequin that they use stop action filming (like the used to do for Gumby, Pokey and Mr. Bill), move his mouth, arms, head, legs, eyes, and eyebrows in micro movement and stop frame filming to make him look alive. Surely, no one living can be as ignorant, arrogant, and such an imbecile!
     Back to the crossroads. In 2014, we must make sure those elected into the Senate and Congress are those who we firmly believe have our best interests at heart. The last 6 years, the Democrats (you know, the imbeciles who said, "Let's vote it in and then we can read it and find out what's in it!") and their liberal, race bating associates (boy that was nicer than what I wanted to call them!) have been successful in turning our country upside down and shaking it for all it's worth to steal ours and our children's futures by utilizing lies that sound almost truthful. Salted the lies with a smidgen of truth to allow those who see Obama as the Second Coming, to take the bait and run with it. I don't know about you, but it's time to right our country, and fence in our yard and add protection to keep out the intruders and allow OUR CITIZENS to reap the rewards of being Americans, instead of allowing more time...ILLEGAL ALIENS to rape our society of all we, Americans, hold dear.
     Let me pose a question: Would a good parent knowingly turn loose in the house, murderers, rapists and pedophiles to have their way with his family? Not a good parent, no way. Now a bad parent (Obama) turned loose 35,000 of them loose into our society instead of deporting them or moving them to a maximum security facility (Gitmo would work) to where he would safeguard Americans! Do we want Obama and his cronies to continue to destroy and demoralize our country? Crossroad voting is needed to remove them. Inform any and all voting irregularities or possible fraud to the police, the Feds and media. Don't let the Obama army and community organizers get by with it this time or any other time! It's time to to go to the crossroads and tell that devil the deal is off!
     My last question is directed at the pharmaceutical industry. Is there a pill that we can give the liberals and the Democrats that will cure their blindness, while returning sanity at the same time? PLEASE TELL ME YOU'VE GOT A BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY AND HAVE THAT PILL READY...PLEASE!  
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