Sunday, May 4, 2014


     I start this article, not with the intent for it or myself to be seen as just a doomsday harbinger nor a conspiracy theorist, but one who has questions in need of answers from our government. Since the day I was born, never has there been a sense of a government takeover of our country. We are watching as a pseudo-government is being established not just left wing insurgents, but by a government masquerading as such.
     A forgetful, passive, and content society is its own worst enemy. Each day we as a people should investigate and question our government, holding it accountable to working for the people, following our laws and eliminating any special laws making them exempt from following those imposed upon its citizens. For too long now, we have sat by passively while the minority voice (no, I am not implying minority by race, rather minority of opinion) have been allowed to overrule the majority. Example: No where in the Constitution does the term: Separation of Church and State exist. The minority voice has successfully confused, misled, and bastardized the First Amendment. The term of separation of church and state came from letter exchanges between Thomas Jefferson and the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut. Now it is used as a hammer to drive God out of everything and anything that is government funded. The First Amendment states:The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion. In other words, the government cannot make any law concerning the restriction of religion in an any form. If we wish to pray in school, have the Ten Commandments on a courthouse or practice or display the Bible or any Christian documents where we please, we can per our Constitution. Remember, the government is not sentient, rather a body of laws to serve and protect its populace (Citizens). Yet atheists, agnostics, the ACLU and judges (all the minority voice) have taken it upon themselves to overrule the Constitution, denying the majority voice of any rights, even though the Constitution backs the majority. Starting to get the picture?
     It is not unusual for a president to designate an area of land (now remember, Federal Government is by definition as 'the American citizens') protected as a Federal protected land or monument. This administration has proven itself to be a 'land grabber'. I am not attempting to beat a dead horse, however, why were there 200 para-military personnel surrounding Clive Bundy's ranch, helicopters and a no fly zone? Again, if he owes the $1,000,000 he should pay it. What should flabbergast every American citizen is who gave the order for the para-military, snipers, helicopters, a no fly zone, and most of all...why? It's exciting to know we have them available, but our southern border would sure be more secure if we ordered them to stand guard and repel ALL invaders! I see a president, his administration, and their cronies setting up our country for a take down. No wonder there are so many survivalists and militia. They are watching intently what Obama is up to.
     The Keystone Pipeline. Now we know the environmental impact is almost non-existent, will produce thousands of jobs, allow the U.S. to not only be the largest producer of natural gas, but become fossil fuel independent from any other country, yet for some subversive reason (I say subversive due to it being unreasonable not to give it the green light) Obama says no. Who in the hell elected him king? 
     Now would seem to be the time to flex our muscles as a country, build up our military instead of eliminating thousands of them, shore up our southern borders, increase our presence in the world as the most powerful nation in the world, take our national debt and eliminate it by requiring not only our president, but the Senate and Congress as well, to eliminate all and any waste out of a bill, line by line. Eliminate all pork and pet projects out of the bill. Require Congress and the Senate to justify to the American public even if it requires a vote by the citizens, for every dime spent and why. Demand the Federal, State, County and City governments (and that includes you as well Obama with your "Pen" and Presidential Executive Decision) to justify spending and be open about it. If all Bills, ear marked spending, and presidential executive spending were mailed to each Citizen before it comes up for a vote (or a pen when it comes to Obama and his cronies), allowing the citizens to hold town meetings to discuss its merits, then the deficit would quickly decrease and eventually disappear. 
     How many family, friends and neighbors do you know who are down on their luck and have not been able to enjoy a vacation for the last year or two or longer? In 5 years, the Obama family has spent more than $40,000,000 of taxpayer money, having a blast at our expense. Why not hold the president and his family to no more than two weeks of vacation per year, reducing taxpayer costs! Make them live it up on their own dime! Too many Americans can't even take their families to an amusement park just a few hundred miles away, while some can't even afford to take them to a movie, yet this president is slapping Americans in the face with his and Michelle's ability to do as they please. Yeah, I'm for making government and the Obama's toe the line! They require it of us, why not demand they follow suit?
     I have been asked, with my strong opinions about government, would I sanction anarchy or even a coup? My answer is no. That would be what Obama would love so he can execute martial law. That would work towards his goal of a take down of our Constitution, possibly allowing him to stay in power. No, that's the last thing we need. What I say to all of you is to remind your children, mothers and fathers, sister and brothers, who are in our military, National Guard and police forces that we are Americans and any order you are given that is deemed questionable, illegal, and unconstitutional, report it immediately, and if your superiors refuse to listen, use all and any type of media to get the order out there for folks to know. Educate your family, friends and neighbors what your instructions are and that they are in violation of our laws and Constitution. You are not obligated to follow an illegal command or an order that violates the Constitution! We don't need anarchy or a military coup we see in other countries, just Americans remembering the very people they are ordered to commit violence or injustice against are their brother and sister Americans. Unless Obama and the BLM hired mercenaries to surround the Bundy ranch, those para-military forces should have been questioning their superiors...why? WHY...indeed?
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