Sunday, August 17, 2014


Okay folks, now here are the numbers for the U.S. I didn't invent them. I will give you the links you can cross check the facts.
     In 2013, over 100,000 deaths can be attributed to alcohol. This number does include those maimed, paralyzed, or permanently changed due to alcohol. The 100,000 deaths per year does not include the aforementioned who lived. Deaths: 274 per day. ( 
     The number of gun deaths is around 30,000 of which 8500 were murders and the rest were suicides for a number of 82 per day. Once again, this number does not include the wounded or maimed, or those forever changed from the pulling of a trigger.  ( 
     The staggering difference goes without saying. Yet, in my defense of the Constitution and the Second Amendment, I in no way want to trivialize the deaths of anyone, be it alcohol, drug (which I didn't even research), or by gun. Death is death and love ones are left to grieve.
     My goal is to educate people that a larger problem exists in our country, and it is not guns. The issue and how to address comes from one word, taxation. Alcohol is a lucrative form of tax for the Federal, State and local governments. Guns are not. A populace can be controlled by the amount of alcohol that is allowed to flow and fall prey to its weakness, an armed populace cannot be controlled nor fall under the thumb of Tyranny as our forefathers understood.
     Yes, any death is to be mourned, but to justify the attempt to change the Constitution because you are under the false pretense that gun violence is out of control, try explaining that to the parents who bury their children, or to the public when whole families are buried because of a drunk driver, especially when that drunk driver has been convicted multiple times and set free to kill again. A person who uses a gun, isn't set free to kill again. They spend many years or the rest of their lives in prison.
     Yes, a gun can kill and at a large distance away from the person to be killed, but it is not a stealthy way to kill. To defend my family and friends, I could easily kill more with a compound or crossbow, and some good knives and booby-traps. Silent and more deadly than any gun will ever be. If a person is intent on causing bodily harm or death, guns are only one way. It is not the gun, it is a society that's tearing itself apart because we have lost our sense of self as a nation. If you look at what is transpiring in our nation, we are just as much in another Civil War as the one in Lincolns day. This Civil War, so far, is one of words and ideology. How long it will remain that way is anyone's guess. One part of America are working to move us into a Socialist, Communist and Muslim society. The other part of America is fighting to keep America as it was for over 200 years: A Republic. When a take over of a country occurs, the very first thing that is attacked is the Country's ideology (The Constitution), and then begins the propaganda of how much safer the populace would be if all weapons were turned in. Once both have occurred, you have a populace full of regrets once they begin to see evil that the once best friend leaders you have become the slave masters and fear mongers you couldn't believe they would be. It is too late by then. 
     I chose to remain living in a Republic, and yes, If asked, I will defend my position and my beliefs in whatever form arises to protect my family from oppressors. I'm an American, born and bred. I believe wholly in the Constitution in its purest form. Any and all laws that have been passed that are in direct contradiction of the Constitution are illegal and therefore not to be enforced by any form of law enforcement or Military. I do not care if I offend you with my religious beliefs, my Bible, or my beliefs in the Constitution and that I have the right to free speech, freedom of the press, the right to own and bear arms, and the legal right to form a ready militia. Your offense will fall on deaf ears. 
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