Wednesday, November 9, 2016


     "What do I tell my children?" whined the CNN reporter. Poor, poor Van Jones! Another of the lying media that got their tail feathers burned on election night. Well this is what you tell them!

     What is the matter with Van Jones and the rest of the CNN crowd? I voted for Trump, not because I'm white/he's white, I voted against the Clinton Cartel and the Washington politicians, as well as the special interests who are ruining the lives of 'us', you know, America's deplorable. You, Van Jones, probably get paid too much. You've forgotten what it's like to wonder if you will have enough groceries to meet the end of the month. You make enough money that watching your wife's health care go up 180% doesn't effect you. Well it does us. My wife and I don't receive the subsidies that you and your socialist friends love to enslave the African-American community with! We have to budget money, not food stamps and welfare. You and your elite media buddies make me sick! You want to know what you tell your children? Tell them daddy makes so much money that they are free from wondering about their next meal! Daddy is a socialist pig who would see his own people continual to wallow in the pig sty of subsidies while he sits high and mighty, looking down on the rest of us: The Deplorables. You speak of the KKK. You have conveniently forgotten its history. As a black American you should remember slavery. Slavery was a sickness in America that was pushed by Democrats who fought to keep the Emancipation Proclamation (13th Amendment in case you don't remember that as well!) from passing. The KKK, that you love to espouse against Trump was created by who?? Hmmm?? The Democrats. Before you start bashing what the rest of us see as the relief we've been praying for, you might want to remember history and, if you ever lived day to day, or meal to meal, what it was like before you shoot off your big mouth. You, sir, are part of the sickness that Trump wants to deliver us from. Quit whining you sniveling idiot!

     Now we hear of how universities are coddling students by letting the poor babies miss tests, offer coloring books and even hug a dog day to comfort their souls because Trump won. What? You've got to be kidding, right?? Wrong. They are no longer teaching students to roll with the punches and move on. It's a 'coddle you' society when you don't get your way! And this is the future leaders, shakers, and movers in our country? Give me a break! If Trump followers had to face the next day of Hillary winning, do you think they would have been offered the same? No. Nor would they have wanted it. Disappointment would definitely be in the air as they go to their classes, jobs, and responsibilities. The difference between liberals and the rest of us is, we know how to pick ourselves and keep moving. We would learn what happened, what went wrong and move forward to correct the mistakes of the past. Good grief. Liberals are such tit suckers. Boxes of baby pacifiers should greet liberals as they go to work and school so they have a "passy" to suck on. This country of liberals has gone nuts. 

    I am so glad that my generation, "the last of the baby boomers" to be born were raised to be tough and love God and Country. Our generation fought and died to preserve the Union and Republic, but I'm sure this "now generation" wasn't what we had in mind. We would never disgrace our flag. Holding it was a reverent feeling. Seeing it wave was always an awe inspiring. Saying our morning devotions and pledging allegiance was not only something we did with pride every morning at school, it was our duty. Watching it burn as a protest by liberals is sickening and I wish their was some country we could just dump all these babies in so they could coddle each other and find out what it would be like to live without the protection that the strong in our country afford them. Yet, they have the Right to burn it. That's a Right strong men and women fought and died to give them. They fought and died to defend the very Constitution these babies haven't got a clue about.

     Raise your children to love this country, or watch as they turn this country into something that will easily be overrun by socialists, communists or terrorists. I'm glad I'm old enough I won't be around to see it.

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