Tuesday, November 15, 2016


     The insanity of protesters, from both anti-Trumpers to supposed Right-Wing nut s and their Swastikas and racially charged rhetoric has to stop!! Not one true Trump supporters voted for Trump, did so to incite racial hatred or fear. We don't carry the Confederate flag, paint swastikas or preach hate as the Ku Klux Klan the Arian Nation or Skin Heads, who portray themselves as speaking for white Americans, are trying to push their agenda, ruin what could be the net great step for all Americans. We have to see through all of their smoke and dust to see that they have their own agenda, as does Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, and other fringe groups who portray themselves as speaking for people of color. I don't believe for a minute that either side of the fringe elements speak only for themselves and that sooner than later, Americans will begin to shun them and expose them for who they really are. I hope the government goes after them as hate speech and crimes and put a stop to all of this!!

     I voted for Trump and have never been ashamed of doing so. My reason for voting for him? I want o see empty factories back up and running. Not so much in the area I live in, because employment is readily available for those who need and want jobs. It's when I see the Rust Belt and know the steel mills are gone, the automotive industry is moving toward making all their vehicle abroad, and coal mine and miners sitting idle (I know I've missed some other work depressed areas, and I apologize in advance for my memory). I see these areas and how depressed they are, which leaves an open door for crime of all kinds, placing people in fear they should never live in in America. I want to see the steel mills, automotive industries and coal mines fired back up, putting Americans back to work in good paying jobs. That is what Trump wants, and that's why I'm behind him.

     Trump has been called every vile name in the book and accused of every vile motive. I have owned my own businesses. I know the strain regulations and taxes do to small businesses, making near impossible to survive. What his mindset is to give those of us the opportunity to succeed. He wants to repatriate money that has moved overseas and again make it attractive for businesses to come home. He has been accused, and has admitted, to purchasing steel from China. Okay...where are the steel mills in America? I know where he would purchase his steel and iron if he mills were again in America. When I order something off of eBay, I watch from what country they are shipping from. I have purchased some items from China (which takes forever to arrive), but 99% of my purchases have come from American sources. I may pay higher for doing so, but I would prefer to help American businesses as much as possible. See, I want Americans to prosper, businesses to succeed. If we stop purchasing from China or other countries, they will eventually feel the pinch and that is exactly what they want them to feel. Fair, balanced trade, benefits everyone and other countries. So where in this is Trump wrong?

     If you want to see a vibrant economy, a nation of laws being enforced to protect our country from over population by illegal aliens, your family and the sovereignty of our country safe, and the amount of dollars spent to feed, house and support people here illegally to continue, look through the smoke and mirrors and see what is actually happening. News media rhetoric, or George Soros inspired attacks and violence is nothing more than that: Smoke and Mirrors.

     All we ask is give our new President a chance. After four years, I believe those who complain the most will be happy that they are working in jobs that disappeared in the last 8 years. It will be music to my ears when I hear of the steel mills firing back up, coal miner back at work, and automotive plants reopening. If you unclog your ears, and remove the earwax of hate and distrust, you will hear that happiness as well.
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