Wednesday, November 16, 2016


     November 8, 2016 the American people spoke, and spoke loudly. they spoke about how they are tired of no longer being represented in Washington, rather they watched as politicians continued to make merry while the American people cried. American people, as a whole, became restless and tired of others (politicians) doing their thinking and making decisions for them that in no way benefited them, especially in the long run. Empty promises, lies, deceit is what they offered to the American people while they (the politicians) enriched their bank accounts, ate high on the hog, flew in luxury jets, vacations the American people could only dream of. And still they believe they need to 'rebuild' their Party. 

     They never had a clue or an inkling about the public's perception of the Democratic Party and the destruction and havoc they were wreaking on our country, and how four more years of them in office would have made our America disappear and become an obsolete 3rd world nation to be continually pillaged and plunder by their Party. America spoke with a loud voice, "Enough!". Still the Democrats didn't listen. All of their Hollywood buddies put together couldn't change the resolve of the American people. The night of November 8, 2016 gave an old man hope that as my days start closing in around me, that my family would have America back again.

     If you answer to someone or a group of people, you need to be sure you do exactly what they want or you will find yourself looking for another job. Talk about 'shock and awe'! I've always understood my place in the world at each stage of my life. I knew my boundaries, how far to push...but more than that, I knew what my responsibilities were and what would be the repercussions should I choose to ignore those responsibilities. The Democrats chose to ignore that responsibility until the people reminded them of the consequences. 

     I've actually heard some of the smarter Democrats come to the realization that they should have listened instead of blindly governing. Gee, you reckon', Bubba? However, the majority of Democrats are more concerned in battling back in four years, taking control of both Houses, and retaking the White House. Hmm. I pose a question to the Democrats, "Do you want it back because you intend to do the same old same old, based upon the fine job you've done in the last eight years?" How's that going to work for you? You've ignored White America, while promoting Muslims, LGBT agenda, open arms to refugees coming from countries that house our enemies, and just open the border to anyone and everyone who wants to come, feed them, house them and give them great health care all at the expense of the American people. Of course, you didn't ask us if that's what we wanted. You just did it all on your own, because you felt entitled by your position and power! How did that work for you on November 8, 2016? Someone was watching and listening, but it wasn't you. You turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the American public. Who were we anyway? Just cobblestones under your feet. 

     For the next four years, you will feel the stinging rebuff of a country who has written you off as a lost cause! Maybe even longer. If Trump decides to just make it a four year stint, you will have to deal with who is becoming America's favorite son: Mike Pence. The American people will see the resurgence of their country, their economy, their military and see the country become safer, it will make it hard not for them to remember a bad way.

     No political party is above its constituents. It answers to them. No matter what party you are affiliated with, you have to are to put Americans first, yourself last. You work for all Americans, not just those who are affiliated with. It's our best interest that you are to be concerned with! Until you take that to heart and let that reality sink in, your party will never recover. Taking back all the Houses is not your job, it is a reward afforded to you by the American people for remembering that our country and Constitution is paramount, not special interests or those who are willing to grease your greedy palms. Until then, the GOP has been rewarded by the American public to do the job you failed to do. To the GOP: Take the precious gift the American public has given you, cherish and treasure it, because in four years you may feel a stinging rebuke yourselves.   
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