Saturday, December 20, 2014


     As most of you know, not just New York City, but we as a nation lost a part of ourselves today with the savage, cowardly execution style murders of two of New York City's finest police officers. I sat awe struck that someone would hate our police officer's so much that this was their answer to get their message out. Two police officers, performing their duties, while their families waited for them to come home after their shift, something that will never happen again. Just because a cowardly bastard couldn't look the people in the eye that he hated so much. Why did he hate them? Because they were in uniform and represented law and order. So who do the big mouth race baiters and haters blame this time? Doubt they will. More than likely they will praise the cowardly, suicidal cretin as having brought a piece of justice to their cause. A few police officers, overzealous in their attempt to take down a guy selling cigarettes and could have easily subdued him with a taser, were partly responsible for the death of the man. Obesity, and bad health, plus the refusal to surrender, were the biggest part of what occurred.

     See, a peaceful protest doesn't create the environment of hate that is flowing like a tsunami through our country , pushed upward by the tectonic plates of rising racism that, though still exists to a small form, others want us to believe racism is completely out of control and will wash a wall of hate and violence across our nation until the true racists (Barrack and Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, The Black Panthers, and Whoopi Goldberg, just to name a few of the biggest loud mouths in our country). They take two incidents, push them way out of control, inciting rioters to fight the police, burn, loot, and now assassinate two innocent police officers who didn't even get to face their shooter.

     I am for the First Amendment and our right to freedom of speech, our right to peacefully assemble and our right to protest, but what we have been seeing is not peaceful protests, rather angry mobs looting, burning, hurting others, blocking traffic and destroying the dreams of hardworking people. That is not a protest, that is thuggery at its worst. I despise those who would use any problem to create a disaster. A problem is one we work together to solve. A disaster is something we can avert by working on a problem. That's not what the aforementioned racists want. They want to see our country thrown back 160 years and another Civil War destroy our country while they sit back and sit up on top of the heap of carcasses and bones and laugh. This is exactly what Obama and Holder were hoping for and they got it. Whoopi Goldberg is probably doing a dance and having a party because two cops were killed and Michael Brown finally got justice. I want to remind all of you haters and baiters out there, once you start getting what you think is justice, is now given way to have someone else to start thinking of how they can get justice for those two police officers. There is no justice in anarchy. There is no justice in savagery. One death leads to another. Hate leads to more hate. Savagery finds no end. So here we are America. Lady Liberty weeps as our nation sinks deeper in blood and no end in sight.
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