Wednesday, December 3, 2014


     I have started 3 books, but as I was writing them, the plot faded or became what I consider to be lame or a loss of interest in what the characters were or what to do with them. Solomon Stryker Book #3, House A' Fire, and Daniel Cloud are the three that I've tabled for now. If I've learned anything in my first three books is: I ain't Stephen King who has the ability, talent and time to churn out book after book. Publishers drool over the opportunity to publish one of his books, not counting any of the rest he's wrote. Stephen King in my mind has had some books that I consider to be minor league while the rest were walk off home runs. I'm a fan, that is a fact.
     My next book is one I want to even surprise me when I read it. I want characters with more depth, a plot that has plenty of twists, turns, and surprises. Though I'm in no way ashamed of Wars End, Stryker's Move, or Fallon's Land, I want to grow as a writer. To do that, I've taken the criticism and praise for my first three books and have taken it to heart. Don't churn out books just to have a book. Write a book that the characters live around you, engulf you, you take a breath in rhythm with them as they breathe.I want you to feel the pain, sorrow, shock and surprise that the characters experience!
     The first time I saw the movie "Phantasm", I stayed clear of closets and funeral homes for a long time. And even now, when I see a funeral home, the movie replays in my mind. If I see a silver ball, I keep an eye on it until it's out of my vision. That is the type of impact I want on my readers. What they read can, or believe, the exact same thing can happen or be waiting for them. That is the greatest accolade I believe an author can receive. Well, we'll see. For the first time in a long while, I am excited about putting words on paper. That's a start!
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