Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Let my preface this Blog with the following statement:

I in no mean any disrespect to the citizens of Cuba, North Korea, Iran or any country that its citizens are forced to send the children (even real young children) to give their lives for a fanatical idea that only benefits those who are the fanatics. Mothers and fathers cry as they put their children in dirt holes, while those who put them their never give them a second thought. I am sure all the citizens and people of these countries want the same thing as we do; to live their lives in happiness and watch their children grow up, graduate from college and be successful in life. The fanatics and dictators would have us believe different. That's why fanatics need to spend many an hour lying on a couch while a psychiatrists delves deeply into their insanity and then perform a lobotomy on them, perform many big charges of cranial electrotherapy, and then a pretty white padded cell and of course don't forget to measure them for their many nice straight jackets. They've earned all the attention. Works for me!

     The United States of America used to stand for something. Freedom, Democracy, the chance for you to work, own a home, send your children to college, with some well deserved fishing, camping, and great vacation times in between. Then you watch your grandchildren play to start the next generation on its way. That was a true American dream. But that dream and reality came with a price. We were the military might that shook the world. We didn't know the word retreat. Compromise was what other countries did. The U.N. building grew quiet when the American Delegation walked through the doors. If our Naval Armada was parked off your shores, you knew you were about to get your butt kicked if you didn't straighten up. Russia didn't scare us. Were turned back their Naval Armada that was bound for Cuba and Fidel Castro. The power and willingness to follow through with not threats, but actions, gave the world the comfortable feeling of security or the nauseating feeling of dread because you failed to break peace with us or another country. Of course that was then, this is now. This is Obama Land. The place where the Amusement Park's rides are a rollercoaster of destruction, the Carousel of which Constitutional law will we break today, and room of mirrors and deceit.

     Obama has given the right hand of fellowship to the worst of the worst in the world. John Kerry, the idiotic Swift Boat Treasonous peace of...well you get the idea, will shake the very hands of those whose citizens cry for freedom, the citizens cry for relief from oppression, political prisons and know their end will be in some lame piece of earth that some will welcome over the life they lead. They both now welcome with open arms a need for good relations with Cuba. Okay, now let's see. Cuba is a Democracy for a free people to elect their leaders, have a Capitalistic society where individuals who have the ideas, wants, desire, and willingness to put in the work, can create a business to not only support their family, but to give others the opportunity to be gainfully employed as well. High tech systems help improve the citizens lives as well as to perform commerce that will benefit them as well as local businesses, farmers, and anyone else who strives for a life of free enterprise. That's the Cuba the people of Cuba want, but not the one we want to open a relationship! Wow.

     For the Cubans who live in Cuba, and those who live in America, they know better. They live under a militaristic Dictatorship that allows them only what the whims of the Castro family agree to. Yeah that sounds like the country John F. Kennedy kept Russia from placing Nukes on to an insane fanatic's delight. If you believe our opening relations with Cuba is going to benefit its citizens, you need to look at how well our attempt and relations with Iran worked and how that benefited its citizens. The only people it will ever benefit is the fanatics who run those countries and the fanatics we have in office who think we should befriend them. 

     I would love to see Cubans and Cuban Americans have a free relationship to travel to and from their homeland and freely enjoy the movement and commerce their friends and families have. To sit down at a 30" HD television and watch a movie, the World Series, go to a bar and have a great time, interact with them on the Internet, but that's not the Cuba of 50 years ago and not the Cuba of today. Yet somehow, Obama's pea brained ideas seem to think that, "If you continue doing something the same way for 50 years and expect different results" way of thinking will resolve Cuba's problems, than we have to realize a paradigm shift has occurred. The mouse trap has changed just because I bought some new ones and is now a benefit to the mouse. When you hear the "snap", you'll give that paradigm shift a closer look at its fallacy.       

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