Monday, April 28, 2014


Because an 81 year old bigot, who happens to own a basketball team, spews his racist views a famous basketball player uses this moment to prove that racism versus racism = racism. So now Larry Johnson is a racist. But that's okay because he's black, was brought over on a ship from Africa, was a slave for decades and rose above slavery to become a basketball player. Reverse racism is racism, Larry. Did you go to college or sleep through your classes, because you're reacting to racism by fighting back with racism! Why not start an all white basketball, baseball, football and soccer league? Does that make us better as a people or a nation? I am white, but have a bi-racial daughter-in-law and grandchildren, all whom I love with all my heart because they are my FAMILY. I don't need to answer back the racists who may not like my son's choice other than to say, "It ain't none of your damn business, so back off or deal with me!" We as a country have heard the word racist and racism thrown around too easily. Instead of letting one senile, bigoted 81 year old man separate us, listen to the people, ALL PEOPLE, and you will hear the rumbling of a disquieted beast coming after his racist spew to inform him those years are gone and we are Americans, not a particularly one of any color, but Americans who live together, eat together, work together, cry and cheer together. Racism will never die as long as we retaliate against it with more racism. Ostracize the ignorant and build upon the strong base of tolerance and love for our fellow man.    
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