Monday, April 14, 2014


I find the standoff at the Bundy Ranch interesting. As we find out that Senator Harry Reid's son was involved with a company from China looking to use the property for solar power,Iisn't it interesting how quickly the ranch was surrounded by 200 heavily armed BLM officers as well as BLM snipers? At what point did America become owned by politicians and Washington? If I remember my American History correctly, the government works for WE The People, not the other way around, so that means all publically held lands belong to us. It is a frightening future for our country when self created militias have to come armed, and ready to defend an American citizen, while ILLEGAL (criminal, unlawfull) immigants are treated better than our own citizens. Sort of reminds me of another illegal takeover happened in Crimea and now is occuring in the Ukraine. It is time to wake up America, or snooze and lose. Remember, it's not the government's fault if we allow them to exercise power that they do not have as stated by OUR Constitution.
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