Sunday, June 7, 2015


     Racism is alive and well in the United States. Of course the media and, black politicians, black community leaders, and the so-called reverends: Jacksons and Sharpton will tell you that the white man and police are to blame. Interesting how this has suddenly became an issue. Could there be an undercurrent of subterfuge, steering the populace into believing that once again, the Democrats are their friends, while those mean old Republicans, and police brutality by white cops against blacks. If it weren't for those Republicans, Blacks would be working and living the American dream instead of suffering in poverty, living off of government subsidies and living in the most dangerous ghettos, crime ridden housing projects, and slums our country has ever seen. So what keeps the police from rushing in, curbing the crime, and allowing the good citizens to live without fear? Racism. Racism? Get a grip people, because it damn sure isn't racism.

     Racism is a world that would normally be a southern tradition, born out of hate, slavery, and the need to segregate races. Lets visit history:

1.) Slavery came from the purchasing of slaves from different parts of the world, sold by their own tribes and villages to white and black traders. Whoops, did I say Black Traders? Yes I sure did. But, somehow history forgets how slaves were of different colors. Whoops, did it again. Whites were slaves as well, all the way up to the Civil War. Damn, that's a piece of history people don't want to hear about!

2.) Why, once again is racism at the forefront of the media. I know there were some distressing events where blacks died at the hands of the police. Has the mainstream media performed a search on how many whites have been killed by blacks and the police? No. Why not? It doesn't fit the agenda being pushed from behind the scenes. The agenda is to make American mistrust Americans, so we forget about the problem at our southern border (by the way did you here where one of our border patrol helicopters took fire from the Mexican side of the border, forcing the helicopter down? Are you aware that Mexican Military helicopters have been landing on American soil, unchallenged?). If you divert attention of any group from a major problem by creating a problem that turns that group against each other, then the first major problem is ignored. Easy enough.

3.) Now, ask yourselves, all the billions of dollars that have been pumped into major inner cities to help bring the people up out of poverty, yet still find themselves in poverty, and now in worse condition because city and government leaders have successfully, and openly, criticized the very people who are sworn to protect the citizens, once again creating a situation to where the news and American people forget about the border, Gitmo terrorists being released, more Muslims being allowed to enter our country and setup mosques in our country, as well as entering our political arena.

     So why? Why all the: here come the cliché's, smoke and mirrors, and cloak and dagger events occurring and who benefits? Well we know the Muslims are. These are the same people who say they have a right to be pedophiles. Hmm. We know Obama's agenda is to destroy America from within, by setting up Muslim rule. Oh come on! If you haven't figured that out by now, you're either slobbery drunk on the koolaid or a moron! Anyway, back to the issues of billions of dollars to help the impoverished inner city that has never seen a dime of help, has one thing in common: they are controlled by Democratic politicians and power. Now, let's ask ourselves: if they received billions of dollars, and did not use it for the purpose it was to go to, where did those billions go? If you aren't already Googling all this, you should.

     The Democratic Party has never been a friend to blacks. President Lincoln wasn't in a struggle against the Republican Party to end slavery. oh contraire mon ami! It was the Democratic Party who wanted blacks to remain in slavery and have successfully kept that credo by enslaving you to entitlements, poverty and living in squalor and crime ridden communities. Obama had the perfect opportunity to help the black community. The black community wasn't even on his list of things to accomplish. His multitude of vacations (while the black community tried to make it through a day alive) were more important than poor, downtrodden, crime ridden, black communities, and through their campaign to hurt the very officers sworn to protect this impoverished, those communities suffer even more because of the agenda to destroy from within, the police are now uninvolved, stand on the sidelines, and won't risk going to prison fro doing their jobs. This is under a Democratic government.

     Last, but not least: Hillary. Her latest statement, "The Republican Party is doing everything they can to keep registered voters from voting!" Satan couldn't have stated that lie any better, because he has Hillary's ear. What the Republicans do want to stop is, undocumented aliens from being signed up to vote when they are here illegally, and have No Right Under Our Law and Constitution to vote, let alone be registered to do so. Hillary is overrun with evil. She stands up for women's rights, while taking millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation (has anyone ever found out what this foundation actually does other than absorb money?) from countries where men control everything, and women who are suspected of doing something against Sharia law or the Koran are stoned and burned. Yeah Hillary, you sure (do not) stand up for women's rights, as long as the millions keep coming in. Hillary, like Obama and all the cronies who work for him or still do, thumb their noses at our laws and Constitution while destroying us from within.

     If it comes down to us or them, which side will you be on? Who will you side with? Will you stand and defend our country, our right to free speech, our right to worship, and most of all, our Constitution? There is a line drawn in the sand, and Obama's toe drew it. Will we allow that line to keep moving, depriving us of more, or will we push back until they either bring back America to its glory or fall off the cliff behind them? I know what side of the line I am on! Watch out for the cliff. 
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