Saturday, June 27, 2015


     I have watched our country (well...America is now their country: their being anyone who is not a Conservative) go through changes this week that had me scratching my head and wondering where I missed the opening monologue by Rod Serling, and what Twilight episode I was in! I hear Rod start, "Imagine this...". Our Supreme Court has now set itself up as the governing body of America, emasculating the Senate, the Congress, and all state rights by making it mandatory that all states allow Sodomistic and Lesbian marriage. I guess 'Pursuit of Happiness' includes sticking your penis up another man's rectum, or using prosthetic devices to emulate penis penetration in your partner's vagina. I would love to speak to the Founding Fathers and ask them if they had that in mind when they penned the Pursuit of Happiness. I would sure like to see the shock on their faces.

     Not just that, but the Supreme Court again placed themselves above the Constitution by ruling in favor, again, of the Affordable Health Care Act, even though the wording of the law itself states that you must sign up through a State exchange, making anyone signed up in a state without an exchange, ineligible for coverage. Hey, I didn't just make that up, it's in the AHCA wording itself!! The same law that earlier in it's infancy as a law, the same Supreme Court handed down a ruling that the AHCA was the law of the land! However, now that the 'state exchange' was brought forward, the Supreme Court has ruled themselves as being idiots, and ruled that the state exchange does not exempt you from coverage under the law! Even that one has to tell us that the Supreme Court Justices were in their chambers, a bottle of Jack Daniels being passed around, all of them with a straight edged razor blade scraping a line, then putting the straw to their nose and huffing in the cocaine!

     Here is the news of the week: The still saddening news as the last of the South Carolina victims is eulogized and buried. One of the two escaped convicts is killed. The Supreme Court rulings (Hell, I ain't going through that again, especially since more rulings are to come) and the former head of the New Black Panther Movement pushing for blacks to kill whites. It seems again, let's blame the whole race for what one evil, hateful person and the horrifying crime they committed. Word up, dude, I would have been the first one to pull a Glock to put a bullet in that idiots head. Not because he was going to kill blacks, rather, because he was going to kill Americans, good people worshiping God. Blame him and the evil he committed, not the white race. Of course that would take the hateful rhetoric out of your mouth, making you a dinosaur, and you won't have any part of that!

     The fight over the Confederate Flag, I believe, is a no brainer. If you wish to fly the flag at your home or from the bed of your truck, you are covered under the Freedom of Speech, and I will stand up for your right to do so. However, I don't agree we should continue to promote it as a government...just my opinion. The sodomites and lesbians fly their rainbow flag...where's the controversy there? I disagree with the sodomite and lesbian lifestyle, but I'm not out burning their flags. It would accomplish nothing. I will, however, continue stating my belief it is wrong, and guess what? That's covered under my right to Freedom of Speech.

     I have always stated and I firmly believe it, I was born in the wrong time frame. I should have been born in the late 1940's and grew up in the 1950's. Life had direction. Right and wrong did not posses a blurred line. At the end of the workday, dad came home to mom and the kids. We were proud of Old Glory, the Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, our military, baseball and apple pie. Of course there will be those who will say, "Yeah and I bet you would have been one of those haters of blacks and loved segregation!" Bullshit. Don't think for me. I won't think for you!     

     Where was I? Oh yeah: Did you know we as conservatives would fair better in Russia? Russia does not legally allow homosexuality! Nope, no sodomite or lesbian marriages over there. Russia will not allow a baby or child to be adopted by a foreign couple or person if there is even a hint or possibility of the baby or child being adopted by a sodomite or lesbian. They will not allow sodomite or lesbian propaganda to be promoted or school children to be indoctrinated with sodomite or lesbian thinking. Now that is what is called putting your foot down and squashing the old rainbow flag under their feet. I don't believe you'll see the Kremlin bathed in the rainbow colored lights.

     Russia does not bow to Muslim or Sharia Law, even though they have areas of the country that are Muslim! They have a strong military, not one that is being emasculated by a limp dick leader! Liberalism doesn't fair well in Russia. Nope. Draw backs: religious freedom is not high on their list, and their lifestyle and middle class needs improvement.

     They have a leader with a backbone. Every country in the world knows what the end result would be if you screw with Russia and Putin. It wouldn't be pretty. Agree or disagree with Russia and its history, at least they have some morals remaining and the backbone and strength to back it up. America has become a quagmire of pig shit and sexual deviants, with leaders intent on destroying their own country. If I were Putin, I'd snub Obama as well. Hell, if I were Putin, I'd bathe in disinfectant if Obama came anywhere near me. I would want the stink and infections of liberalism to become a rash on my spine either!
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