Friday, July 3, 2015


Now this flag has had no blood shed to fight for its right to fly. It flies because sexual deviants, pedophiles, sodomites, and lesbians want the right to act in a way that is not only contrary to God, but is contrary to nature. The battle that is fought is their belief they have the right to bash anyone who believes contrary to their sexually deviant beliefs and actions. It has earned no honor, has not been rallied behind to defend our nation against all invaders, foreign or domestic. It has never been picked up from a bloody, muddy battlefield to encourage the troops to defeat an aggressor, bent on destroying America and the American way of life. It in fact is the symbol of those bent on destroying the American way of life, and is a terrorist threat in America to those who appose not only their beliefs, but their sick, disgusting and sexual deviant way of life and existence. Those who rally around this flag will one day face a God who will not smile at their success. 

Now comes the question: Which flag will you rally around? The Stars and Stripes are truely America. The Stars and Bars, though for some, controversial, is still one of Americans fighting for honor. The other is a piece of trash so sexual deviants can fool the world into believing they are entitled. They are not.

I will rally around the Stars and Stripes. I will defend the rights of Americans to fly the Stars and Bars. Both have honor.

I will spit on and destroy any sexual deviant flag (rainbow) that I find! 

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