Sunday, July 19, 2015


     Donald Trump, in quite a few people's mind, made a Freudian slip. He indicated that he did not consider John McCain to be a war hero. Okay, he ruffled the hackles of some, while those who actually listened to what he had to say, understood what he meant, not what people wanted to think.

     We like to throw that word 'HERO' around like we would a baseball. All who serve our country, are captured or not, and make the great sacrifice by the giving of their lives while serving our country are heroes. Just because John McCain was a prisoner of war doesn't make him anymore of a hero than any other who served (with the exception of Bo Berhgdal and John Kerry, who are both traitors to their uniforms and corp they served in) our country. Does that minimize what John McCain suffered? No. Did John McCain run into the Twin Towers to save others and pay the ultimate sacrifice for doing so? No. They were and will forever be the true definition of what hero means. Did John McCain force down the airliner, into a field, that he was flying on to keep terrorists from using the plane like the other three planes were used for on 9/11? No. Those who gave their lives to prevent that plane from committing a devastating act were and will forever be heroes. Can you see the difference? An extraordinary act of putting your life on the line for your fellow man, that is a hero.

     The German Chancellor proved to be a hero this week by stating flatly that there would be no sexual deviant marriages in Germany! Standing up to the sexual deviants is heroic! 

    I've never understood people who use the word 'hero' when referring to a sports player. Why? They hit a baseball? They made a dunk? They threw a great pass? They drove a car to victory lane? Dear god no! There is nothing heroic about what overpaid athletes do! No one's life was saved because they did something extraordinary while performing their jobs. I would call underpaid employees, who can't make the paycheck stretch any farther, yet somehow do, a hero before I would pro athletes. The underpaid employee performs a heroic act each week making ends meet! They work multiple jobs to put food on the table and pay what they can to keep a roof over theirs and their family's heads heroic.

     I've even heard people say that the monstrosity Bruce Jenner has turned himself into as being heroic! What? Have Americans dumbed down that much that we consider a freak to be a hero? Now before you get mad at me let me explain what I meant, like everyone should understand what Donald Trump meant: When I say the word 'FREAK' I do not refer to children or humans who have come into this world handicapped, one way or another, or an accident has deformed their normal features as freaks! I would never be so cruel and insensitive to their lives and suffering! When I call Bruce Jenner, or any sexual deviant a freak, they are just that. They're a side show commodity in a carnival. Do I consider them to normal? Oh hell no! They are not even defined as 'sick'! They are evil, demented sexual deviants. Call a spade a spade folks. Their is nothing normal about any sexual deviant of any kind! They are twisted, Satan inspired monsters that all the world needs to be afraid that it might be contagious!

     So, before you put the hammer down on Trump for what he said, remember, he didn't want John McCain singled out as a war hero. All who serve are heroes, not just John. Sorry, but I see the big picture instead of allowing myself to be painted into a corner by those who wish to single out one individual for what others have suffered as well, or have given their lives so John McCain can be alive today.

     Oh, and by the way, a Hero is a great sandwich as well!


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