Thursday, June 18, 2015


Last night America came under attack as a violent 21 year old man, took the lives of 9 precious, Church members, there to listen to their Pastor and pray. These are 9 of God's faithful, lover's of their church and their God. More than that, they were Americans, our brothers and sisters in life and in God. Such an act is demonic and Satan influenced. It is not an act of white American against out African American brothers and sisters. We all, and I do mean all of Americans, mourn with you, shed tears with you, and are horrified that someone would allow evil to enter their heart to commit such an heinous and atrocious act.

What we don't want is politicians, including our President, to build a political platform to use this to denounce gun ownership. He could have easily slaughtered these people with knives, explosives, arrows, and other deadly devices. Remember the four young girls in Birmingham that were killed while in their church by a racist bomber. Four Angels went home that day, but it didn't entail a gun. Our nation is high on gun violence, but it is inner cities where gangs and drugs run rampant. Take that away, and our gun violence drops by at least 80%. So let's focus on the crime, the individual, and the mindset of why he perpetrated an act of unbelievable savagery and terror.

The last thing we want to do is allow this to pull us apart as Americans. Rather we need to form a chain of hands of all colors and pray that our country turn its eyes and hearts back to God. This individual may have committed the act from racially motivated hate, but what I saw today were tears running down the cheeks of Americans of different ethnicity. I know my eyes filled with tears for those who left us too soon because of this evil person, who happens to be white, but I am white and my anger and disgust is at the shooter. He broke the hearts of not just South Carolinians, but all of America as well. There will be those who will use this as a platform to promote their racist rhetoric, but be wise as a serpent and see this for what it is. One individual perpetrated this horror, not the white community.

We have struggled in the past months as some have committed acts that should never occurred. This is not one of them. This person was not in a position of authority, other than what Satan made him believe he had. We need to join hands and remember that it wasn't just African Americans that marched with Dr. King, but whites as well. For the most of America, we need to heal the divide, not allow, politicians, those who portray themselves as champions of African Americans to divide us further. Dr. King knew the answer to our nations racial divide was to convince each other that we are ALL AMERICANS, not the monikers we use to identify our differences. I believe Dr. King would be the first one to stand and ask for calm, prayers, and the reunification of America.   
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