Saturday, May 30, 2015


    I have decided to repost this Blog in light of the revelation of all the children who have been sexually abused in the U.K. while authorities knew it was happening and sat there with their thumbs stuck up their asses! Be glad I don't live there and one of my children was abused while you did nothing! You wouldn't need to worry about legal repercussions. They just wouldn't find you!

     I hear the crying of the children. I hear their childhood innocence being ripped from them. We hear of abductions, the pedophiles that prey of children. The very people they should trust; Catholic Priests, and to be fair, there have been ministers of other denominations as well. Now we find out some U.N. personnel have been sexually abusing little boys! if that's not bad enough, they were trying to cover it up! 

     We know Muslims, by their own admission, find child abuse to be within their rights. Rights? What happened to the rights of the children to grow up innocent, playing, and being happy? Yes I hear the cries of the children, and it's time to start wiping their tears, and start causing massive pain to the pedophiles, abusers and child killers of this world!

     Liberals scream the death penalty in inhumane. Say what? What if it were their children? The liberals are the ones who would prevent a pedophile/child abuser/child torturer/child murder from meeting 'old sparky', taste the flavor of cyanide gas, on the table with the tubes for chemicals to flow into their veins, shot by a firing squad, or hung by the neck until they are pissing their pants as the last lung explodes from lack of oxygen! 

     My hat is off to prisoners who still have honor enough to make sure pedophiles don't serve out their sentences, rather they care enough about children to end the pedophiles life...quickly. Prisoners hear the cries of the children as well.  

     Is it time for, we the people, to ensure pedophiles can no longer hurt our children, or do we trust the liberals and the liberal courts to do that for us? Liberals will say pedophiles are 'sick'. You reckon? They need help from society! Right! Listen up liberals, pedophiles, just like serial killers, rapists, and others sick of mind to harm humanity, cannot be cured! They are the hunters of our children, who are their prey! Why do you think they are forced to wear trackers, under surveillance, must register with the police department, and forever live with the knowledge if they even speak to a child, they will go back to prison. All of these supposed safeguards are in place because those in power know they can't be cured! So they turn the demons back on the street and the cries of children become loud in the community where they live. You think the police can stop them? No! Yeah, they'll go back to prison, but at what cost? How many children were they able to ruin or murder before they were caught again?

     So, what is the answer? What do we do? I know what I will do should one ever touch one of my grandchildren. No taxpayer dollars will be spent. Swift and final justice. I'm not afraid to say that, and don't care who hears it! You want to live? Stay clear of my grandchildren! Stay clear of any of my family's children and grandchildren! Stay away from my friends children and grandchildren! Know I will hunt you. I will spend whatever time and money it takes to find you, and find you I will! I for one will not allow the children's cries to go unheard! You will learn what it feels like to be the prey, and I'll be damned sure you know fear like you've never known! The law and God will judge me, but rest assured, you will not harm another child. Your end will come without torture. You may not want to hear the speechI will give you and I will give you time to make peace with God, but after it is over, you will go quickly. I am not after vengeance, just swift and final justice. 

     Okay, now all of you who probably feel you wasted your time reading this, understand, I want you to think about this the next time you hear of the heinous thing a pedophile, child abuser, child abductor who sold them overseas to be play toys of the sickos there, and let's not forget the ones who torture and kill children. The couple who allows their children to go to the park by themselves, you know, the ones who have been in the news, are begging for their children to placed on the alter of sacrifice! The sexual predators now know you let your children go by themselves. I guarantee you, if it is your child they get, you would lose your liberal garbage and want those who took them, abuse them, sell them, torture them, and kill them, dead...dead...dead. 

     I am tired of hearing the children cry. If you should feel the need to become the hunter, remember, justice is when you keep another child from crying. The silence you will hear is because the hunters became the prey, and paid the high price for touching our children. The more hunters who take down the prey (The damn pedophiles, and the rest who hurt our children) the less tears children will have to shed! Children will have finally become safer in this cruel world we live in because of The New Hunters: Us!

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