Sunday, May 10, 2015


If you should pray today, say a prayer for the police officers of our country. From our president all the way down to local officials, they have, instead of praising the 99.9% good police officers, made them seem like the Ghestapo. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are people, doing a dangerous job, hoping to go home to their families. They are the wall of protection between safety and total, brutal, murderous, burning, and looting thugs and anarchy! Two died this morning when three black thugs decided they had the right to take their lives. Say a prayer for our officers, and the families of those who are now mourning and asking why? Where is the national outcry and media? Do you see whites burning their communities and looting businesses? No. Why? Because we know it is unlawful and results in dragging us down to the level of the Ferguson and Baltimore animals. Blunt today, aren't you, Terry? You bet. Where are the Sharptons and the Black Communitiy leaders coming out in force to stop these brutal and senseless murders? They won't be seen. Thug, police brutality, burning and looting is where they wish to be. This is one American who wouldn't shed a tear if they burned down their communities around their ears while they are in those buildings. I'm not a racist, but I am willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with our police officers to bring you under order and submission to the law, and make every one of you law breakers go where you belong, Prison or send you straight to hell!
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