Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hello all of you who have money to spend! I am taking a cue from Bill and Hillary Clinton and have started my own fund:

Save The Starving Author Fund
Terry Manning
1039 Gravely Road
Kingsport, TN 37660

Some may say, "Are you really serious?" My answer is, "Yes!" Unlike the Clinton Foundation, I will use part for income (20%),  to offset gas and time involved, and the remaining monies (80%) will go to helping area soup kitchens, purchasing clothing and supplies for the poor, and every human kindness we can perform. 

"I thought this was for starving authors?" you may ask. It is. I feel like anyone I meet, especially the poor and downtrodden, have a story to tell, and I would like to be the voice of how they arrived at where they are, and what hopes they see for their future!

Ask the Clintons if they will honestly match what I would like to do. I doubt they would return your call, respond to your letter, or permit you an interview! So what does this tell you? Millions of dollars are in the Clinton foundation. Where is it going to help the really needy, to assist in bringing a little hope into their lives, a stable roof over their heads, and warm heat in the winter or a cool room in the heat of summer. How about the homeless? We have them in any city and every state. 

The homeless and poverty in our country is enormous, yet the Clinton Foundation sits on their millions, and live a life of extreme luxury. Is that helping those in need? In no way do they care about the plight of America! It's "Give us money! We'll be filthy rich! Of course for those of you who give to our foundation, you will receive special contracts, billions in government money, and the satisfaction that the wheel goes round and round. The more you give us, the more we will help you become richer!"

I would give each and every donor, specifically where each dollar went. Not to make me rich, but to really reach out to help those who are in need and suffering the poverty the Clintons ignore. Give it a try and let's see if we can make a difference!
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