Tuesday, December 6, 2016


   Unlike the title of this Blog appears, I find nothing funny about a possible terrorist attack or plot anywhere in America, sanctuary city or not. These are Americans, in L.A., who now have to walk on eggshells of fear because of this. It's a terrible thought that something may happen, let alone actually occurring. People being killed, maimed or inured is not acceptable on American soil, because some Muslim zealot nut decides it's his or her responsibility to kill innocents in the name of their god or religion. God, or gods take he blame for so many things that Satan influences people to commit atrocities and evil. What I would tell these people, "One day you will face God in judgment and I wouldn't want to be you."

     However, L.A. boasts itself as being a sanctuary city, so what in the world did you expect? Are we going back to the 1960's, that love will overwhelm the need for violence? Hmm? Sanctuary cities are just as bad as gun free zones. You invite violence and attack by opening the door to the bad guys. You might as well put up a giant neon sign stating for them to come on in and we accept whatever violence you want to do to our populace, because we want you here! How do liberals justify this possible terrorist plot? Like Chicago, gang violence in L.A. and the surrounding cities and counties has been a major problem for years! Seems to me it would be more likely for them to deny sanctuary city status and fight off immigration of illegals or refugees until they get their own house in order!

     It never fails to amaze me of the ignorance liberals exhibit. Where I live and grew up, if a threat enters our area and community, our para-military forces quickly extinguish the fire of criminal activity before it can gain a foothold. We are a welcoming area to those who are here legally and are a positive force in our community By 'positive force' I refer to those who work to be a law abiding citizen, or those on the path to becoming American citizens. We are by no means a sanctuary city, county or area. We are a Bible believing, church going, and community minded area of the country. However, don't take that to mean we are sheep to be slaughtered. We are a concealed carry, 2nd Amendment, and NRA supporting community who will stand our ground. Terrorism in our area will bring a swift and deadly response to those who would perpetrate violence against us. Those who would in anyway be associated with their ideology or religion would feel the heat and need to find a sanctuary city.  

     In closing, sanctuary cities need to take a hint from what L.A. is going through on 12/6/2016, and seek to repeal the thought and notion that being a 'sanctuary city' is a great idea for your citizens. Instead of trying to be so liberal, you might want to protect the rights and lives of your 'true citizens' over the overwhelming need to be politically correct!

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