Thursday, December 31, 2015



     I have always held to the truth that change is inevitable. Good or bad, it is inevitable. Looking back at 2015, we have very little to smile about. Natural disasters have destroyed towns, home, lives and taken lives away. Continued war in the Middle East is a worry for the world as ISIS' battle not only wages strong in the Arab countries, but they have learned to proselyte their rhetoric and evil across oceans by the means of the Internet to weak minded individuals (young people) who think that war is a video game that they can save where they are and return to pickup where they left off. ISIS doesn't wage their terrorism that way. Kids thinks it's cool to join and be part of the big bad cowards, child rapists, human traffickers, killer of Christians, killer of their own brothers and sisters in Islam, and enforce Sharia Law to justify anything they wish to do, no matter how evil or debauch we view it.

     This year we have watched as political corruption is no longer something that was done behind closed doors or thirty-thousand feet in the air, while flying in a big contributor's Lear Jet, all away from prying eyes and ears. No, just like homosexuality, lesbianism, drag queens, abortion, and now the open selling of fetal tissue and body parts has become the norm in our society. Hillary...well where do I start? (1.) Hillary said she didn't know that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, rather she was told it was in reaction to a video (which by the way...the video is protected by the First Amendment, but you would have to read the Constitution to know that). (2.) Hillary stated she did not have a private server at her house to receive emails from her office while she served as Secretary of State. (3.) Hillary stated she did have a private server at her house, but it was for personal use. (3.) Hillary then deleted thirty-thousand plus emails before the FBI took possession of it. answers: 1. Hillary knew immediately that it was a terrorist attack when the killings in Benghazi were occurring! Liar! She claims Ambassador Stevens was such a good friend, but we found out how she treats 'good friends'. Stevens warned them an attack was imminent and requested extra security. His good friend ignored him at the cost of four lives. 2. Hillary reveals she does (or did) have a private email server at her home. 3.) It would have been nice to have the FBI immediately take possession of the server before she hit the 'delete' button! We now know the following: She did have a private email server at her house, used it to communicate with her office and highly classified documents went sailing to it from her employees! WE MARK HER AS THE LIAR OF THE YEAR!

     Obama has never hid the fact that he wants all Americans guns. He does not want an American armed populace. He has tried over and over to find ways to usurp the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Now we start to see some action, coming from where? California. San Bernadino was a terrorist attack, pure and simple. But some how, we the people, are supposed to take the blame because we own guns! It's one of those deals where you want to slap the shit out of someone to wake them up to the truth, but obviously California has drank the Koolaid! No due process needed! A judge can now order the police to enter your home, search it for weapons (you notice the lack of a legal search warrant) and remove your weapons until said judge feels you can have them back. Now how pissed off do you think a citizen is going to be when their home is invaded by an illegal paramilitary force, searches their home without due process and a search warrant, and takes their weapons that have never harmed anyone, that they have paid for out of their pockets, and remove them at the whim of a judge? Hell yes they're gonna be pissed and quite possibly violent in the effort to stop said illegal invasion of their home. So what is the likely hood they will get them back? See the trap? ASK YOURSELF ONE BIG QUESTION: CALIFORNIA CITIZEN CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE BEING TRAMPLED, SO WHERE IS THE ACLU? AREN'T THEY SUPPOSED TO PROTECT OUR CIVIL RIGHTS? Only when you want to live a sick, sexually debauch lifestyle will they be there on the sicko's behalf! Hold tightly to your guns and ammo, stock up, and make sure everyone in your household can handle a gun and defend themselves with razor speed, not if the need arises, but WHEN it arises!

     I feel bad for the young people growing up in this world now. When it comes to current events or simple answers about our country, Constitution, what Memorial day is (other than a school holiday), or other questions my age knew when we were in grade school! We have a generation of pleasure, party and stupidity! Don't believe me? Watch episodes of 'Waters World' with Jesse Waters on Fox News Channel (Oh my God! He said the FNC word!). 

     With ignorance of freedom comes the chains of tyranny! (Hey, the author of that statement was me! I did learn something in American History!). Obama is a part of the ignorance and stupidity because he promotes it and young people are drawn to it like a mosquito to a electrical outdoor bug zapper. ZAP! It's too late. Our youth are now shocked into compliance and ignorance. Never in my life time, nor for generations before, have we seen such anti-America rhetoric...from those how should be championing America, keeping us at the top of the heap and the greatest superpower in the world! Our politicians want us to appear meek and appear as a bunch of pussies to the world. Well they're doing a great job of it! Russia pushes us by flying close to our ships and airspace. Iran fires rockets close to our ships. Both Russia and Iran see no response from us. Damn...we would have downed Russia's planes and blew a big hole in Iran. But the difference between America and them is: they have leaders on duty, we have one who is playing his second round of eighteen in Hawaii. He doesn't give one tinkers damn about anything, but that is the deception!

     Believe it or not, Obama is purposely destroying America. He wants our guns so his MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORIST (see I can say it!). Imagine America today, then add a Muslim Islamic Extremist government in charge. Christians would be headless or crispy critters. You think all these movie stars will have their lives of luxury and run around in skimpy clothes, bikinis or even without them? Oh forget about going down to the local pub for a drink and pork barbecue sandwich. We know they don't eat pork (I'll miss my baby back ribs! :( ), and they don't allow alcohol! Well, I guess that will do away with the local rummies and drunks!  Stone quarries would be working 24 hours a day to keep plenty of rocks available for all the stoning going on! ISLAM HAS NEVER BUILT ANYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO A STABLE SOCIETY! THEY ONLY KNOW HOW TO FIGHT, KILL AND DESTROY!  

     DO NOT BE AFRAID, RATHER MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND JUDGES REMEMBER WHO WE ARE! THE ONES THEY SHOULD FEAR! More now than ever, regular citizens have the need to form and train as ready militias all over our country. Tyranny cannot win against the American determination and spirit. Too many countries have learned that the hard way. We are strong together, stronger than any tyrant who thinks he owns our country. Are you ready? Are you willing to take your country back? You think I'm nuts? Really? We already have an invading army that has gained access to our sovereign soil. It's been done by deception and under the cover of night. Who is this invading army? The U.N. Their vehicles are stored all over the country. Why? Why do they have vehicle on our soil? Let me just say this and I'll quit: If you think Obama is going to give up power because of elections, you might want to reconsider that. Obama has no intention of giving up the power he has. He has surrounded himself with people who will support him, and kill all of necessary to get that point across! 2016 elections will be fum to watch, but I fear that is all that will happen. 
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