Wednesday, December 9, 2015


     You know, it gets old when everyday you see the devil and his henchman and women at work, violating our laws and Constitution and no one arrest for treason is made, nor is anyone held legally accountable by our top law enforcement personnel. Congress and the Senate should come together and force the DOJ and FBI to do their jobs, but they don't. I've railed and ranted on my Blog for a long time now trying to open people's eyes to what is and is not occurring, but I guess the people who should read it and take it seriously just aren't reading it. I guess a bout of depression is allowed, even for me.

     Trump has the right idea, however bloviating and giving Americans a step by step definitive plan to stop Muslims from entering our country until we can properly vet them, is just something he isn't capable of doing. He loudly proclaims what he wants and would do, but hearing how, "I'm smart, I build things, I know how to get things done!", well....even for a die hard, hard nose conservative Republican, the clown needs to shut up and go back to the circus.

     This nation needs to hear the things Trump is saying, but from someone like Ted Cruz who can not only catch our attention, yet instead of leaving it there, can articulate a formidable plan that all Americans can wrap their minds around. A rallying point leading us into a clear direction of change and a return to our values and Constitution. Until Trump stops trumpeting (cute, huh?) hot air without substance, the Republican party will continue to be rocked by a carnival act and atmosphere.

     I want to bring your attention, again, to all of those U.N. armoured vehicles that have been transported across and stored all over our country. Did anyone forget about the military, under Obama's orders, purchased over 9 billion rounds of ammunition? Where are they and what are they for, I always wondered. Now I know. Refugees. All of those young Arab (or Syrian) men who are trying to enter the United States as refugees. I'll say it again: Why are these men not fighting to save Syria? They can push down Barricade fences and throw rocks at those protecting their own borders, but they can't channel that anger towards ISIS? Why is Obama, his administration, and all these left wing morons wanting to bring in those refugees so badly? Well as far as the left wing morons are concerned...they're just morons. Obama and his administration...well there's another issue.

     We already know that our Secretary of Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson, is a Muslim and has been tied in with several terrorist groups, as well as reports stating that 72 known terrorist on the watch list are also employed by the DOH. So, again, why does Obama want those refugee men in this country? That is a question becoming more easily answered bu the day. The Muslim Gestapo is at our doors, scratching, fighting and biting to get in and drive those armored vehicles, with 9 billion rounds of ammunition at their disposal. Once Obama secures his dream of becoming the King, or Mullah of America, the rest of us will become fodder, ripe for beheading, raping, torturing, and butchering. Think I'm just ranting and raving? Remember that when you and your family are facing the Muslim Gestapo, hearing them demand you recant your faith and convert to Islam or you will die! What, oh my, will you do then? Is you Christian faith strong enough to deny the conversion and watch your family suffer atrocious acts, while you pray for strength. Will their screams pierce your brain make you deny God and Christ? Hmm....

     One thing I do know, if they're allowed in, kiss your free American life goodbye. Just like swarming locusts, Muslims will destroy everything we hold dear, and leave in their wake a new America. You will see that it reminds you of their own countries. Destruction and hardship everywhere. They aren't builders, never have been, never will be. They are parasites that will suck the life right out of our country and land, leaving us in hovels and barren earth. Obama will sit in his palace, surrounded by the ass kissers, eating high on the hog while his Muslim Gestapo follows his orders, and he is deaf to the cries of the people.

     The one glaring piece of advise I will leave you with: Keep your guns clean, your ammo levels high, store up survival rations and do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe, and when the Muslim Gestapo do come, you and your neighbors kill as many as you can until your either out of ammo, or your dead. Dead is what they would prefer. Don't believe me? They're the ones that say the Koran tells them to kill all Infidels. Be ready, my friends. Be very ready. 
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