Sunday, December 13, 2015


   Again government officials show they don't give a damn about the common worker, only their great evil, "Climate Change"! When they speak of the discontinuance of fossil fuel use, what industries does it affect, from the top Corporate to the retail and wholesale outlets keeping Americans working? Let me ask you a question: What items, which we use today, are fossil fuel free? My shoes? Nope. My clothes? Nope. My laptop and PC? Nope. Just about everything that we use, fossil fuels are involved one way or another. So, do you have a cave picked out for your family, and a ready stock of dinosaurs to eat? Think I'm over-exaggerating? Think again! Try to find something in your home that fossil fuels are not involved in their manufacture, one way or another. You'll be shocked!

     I live in the mid-Southern area of the country and grew up with coal heat. Yep. I grew up, with Dad, me and my brothers on a rotation as to whose turn it was to add coal, stoke the furnace real good and remove the hot clinkers (once cooled, a sledge hammer made them into great driveway gravel!). It was work, but a ton of coal was fairly inexpensive and put out the heat! There are still people today who are poor and can't afford heat pumps and such! (Oh no! There are heat pump parts created using fossil fuels!) 

     Then there are folks who use heating oil to heat their homes (another fossil fuel). What do they do for heat when all these new regulations drive up the cost, which is damn high as it is per gallon, even higher and figure out the cost of filling a 250 gallon tank two or three times a year? What will they do? God gave us fossil fuels to utilize to exist. Now I'm all for ensuring they used in the safest manner and not dumped to poison the soil or water supply. Yet, all of these leaders of these countries, including that idiot Obama, have decided to change the world, how it works and to hell with the world's economy, without getting their citizens approval. Of course, they aren't leaving a footprint on the ecology as they fly around in those fuel consuming, toxic poison spewing jet engines. It seems to be, they need to use sail boats to meet at different countries, removing that footprint! No, it's us that have to suffer. Of course.

     I live near Tennessee Eastman Corporation, employing well over 6,000 employees. They do not rely on any public outside source for their power or water. They have three major power plants, use water from the river and have their own enormous sewage plant. Now how do they generate power? My understanding is they use 30, count them, 30 rail cars of coal per day! Now, someone has to mine the coal (coal miners), someone has to haul it to the coal (trains that use diesel...oops another fossil fuel) others have to unload it, feed it into the power plants, and so on and so forth. Cut out coal, where do they work and how will they live? The same goes for oil production, tires, any rubber or synthetic rubber product, gas for our cars, oil for our engines, convenience stores who sell these products, parts stores who sell parts to keep the cars going that use fossil fuels and so on. 

     See, their decisions are made, not with us in mind, but how they can gain more power and more money. Just ask Al Gore (God I wish he wasn't from Tennessee! He's an embarrassment to our state!) who turned "Climate Change" into 100 million dollars when he sold his climate change company! Good money in fear mongering, isn't it! God, and only God, will determine when this world ends. We can use fossil fuels if we choose (God put them there), all we have to do is continue to work towards using them more efficiently, driving down the cost and putting more citizens to work in the process. Anyone who bloviates how we be fossil fuel free is an Al Gore wanna be. 

     Are you the next Al Gore, or an American realist who would put Americans back to work while promoting science to help us use it more efficiently? It is a win-win situation if you look at it from a worker's point of view instead the view of millionaires and billionaires. I guess I will always look at it from the worker's point of view. I like seeing the middle class growing and people happy. I'll never be the boot to stomp on the working man's neck, trying to crush him out of existence all in the name of money and power, like that Obamanation is trying to do to Americans!
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