Saturday, March 28, 2015


     I would love to have a 6 pack of the Washington, D.C. Toilet Paper! Dang that stuff is really effective! No political or criminal dingle-berries when you use that! Heck, we can empty the prisons if we give each suspect a roll! 1 wipe, no crime!

     Is it just me or have the REAL TERRORISTS revealed themselves as our elected government officials? We sent these bozos to Washington to represent us, but that was the farthest thing from their minds! You can send a dirt poor, patches on the pants, and thread bare shirt person to Washington and in a few years they would be wearing $5,000 suits and have bulging bank accounts. How? Because they become criminals, doing back door deals with special interests, lobbyists, and whoever else wants to grease their palms for special favors. You have a regular citizen (aren't politicians supposed to be regular citizens too?), let them get caught with an ounce of pot and off to prison for years. Let a politician commit a crime, and slick, high dollar lawyers make that politician look like a sad eyed puppy that a mean old public has kicked. Terrorists, everyone of them! They terrorize our nation by destroying what true Americana is all about, so they can set themselves up as Overlords, looking down at us peons. You know, the people that voted to put them in office. Their weapons that destroy the lives of Americans are Executive Orders, passed laws that hurt us our military or our economy. How about the unpassed laws that would benefit us, but special interest groups or lobbyists pay the politicians to keep it from being passed because it isn't in their best interest! What about us? You know, the ones who put you there to serve us? Peons.

     We know ISIS has no problems beheading people to benefit their ideology and belief. Washington attacks us to the south: THEY CASTRATE US! They then thump the podiums and their chests how the other side is the problem. Okay, let's take a look at this. I'm a corn fed, down to earth, God fearing, anti-abortionist, a man for a woman, a woman for a man, conservative. I lean heavily Republican (thought I would let you know in case you haven't picked it up in my earlier Blogs). Okay, the Republicans blamed the Democrats for all of our problems. The Republicans control both Houses. What, please tell me in case I have fallen asleep on the job, have the Republicans done since then? Since they took over both Houses, they've all called in sick, because they sure as hell haven't shown up for work! Let us peons go to work and not produce and we're holding a pink slip and a swift kick in the ass! Peons! Are you picking up on what I mean by peons? WE DON'T MATTER!!

     With the economy as it has been, how many of you have had trouble taking one vacation a year, or haven't been able to afford to do so at all, yet we have a President who lives on the golf course. Iran? "Can we put that off until next week? I've got Tee times for this week with my posse that I don't want to cancel. Hey, we're going to Hawaii again. Just there last month? Yeah, but all this golf has wore me out and I need some time to recuperate." Worst president, no, the second worst leader of any country in the history of mankind, with Hitler being at the top. You say, "You're comparing Obama to Hitler? How can that be?" He, John Kerry and the Democrats are turning their backs on one of our best Allies: Israel. Let those centrifuges spin in Iran so they can build a Nuke. Ignore that they said they want to wipe Israel from the face of the earth! Yeah, Obama and Hitler are kissing cousins. A German and a Kenyan are bosom buddies.

     Last, but certainly not least: Hillary Clinton. Satan's right hand...whatever. This woman has been possessed by demons all her life. She is a habitual liar, even from the Nixon era forward. She has lied to us about Benghazi, has ignored and displayed nothing but contempt for those who call her out (Such as Congressional committees, the ones who are supposed to protect our Constitution from Satanic liars like her), gets subpoenaed to turn over her server, but instead of following a legal subpoena, she tampers with evidence by wiping the server clean, and thumbs her nose at the law, proving she thinks like Obama, that laws do not apply to them, and uses some of that Washington, D.C. toilet paper to clean away any dingle-berries. The Democrats say this is their choice for 2016 Presidential run? Her foundation takes money from countries and groups that put down women and suppress them, yet she is for women's rights? That's like saying I want a known child molester to be allowed to open a chain of day care centers and hire all his molesting buddies to work for him. If Hillary Clinton is the best you have, Democrats, you might want to take a hard look at how bad your Party has become.

     I want a Republican, but I sure don't want another Bush. I want someone who actually may remember what our Constitution states and believes in it, protects, and honors every word written in it. I want someone in there who remembers who the American public is, and works to pass laws to make it so illegal for politicians and their families to take money and gifts from lobbyists and special interest groups, that if they are found out and convicted, they face a firing squad for treason. I mean it. Politicians need to not only be reigned in, we need to put a choke collar on them, to throttle them back to being public servants. But remember, I'm just like you: a peon. So the time I spent writing this could have been used to pay more attention to the Kentucky/Notre Dame basketball game. What a pity.

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