Thursday, March 12, 2015


     Well, if you're Hillary Clinton, you can do whatever you want, no matter how illegal it may be, and run to the U.N. Building to defend herself. Makes you wonder if she received a large backlash, would she have claimed Sanctuary inside the U.N., to prevent any U.S. law officers of any level arresting her for committing a felony? Hillary did break the law, she knows it, Bill Clinton knows it, Eric Holder knows it, oh good grief: EVERYONE KNOWS IT! Do you think Obama, Eric Holder and the DOJ will bring Hillary up on charges? Take a moment and remember Benghazi. What does Hillary know that Obama and all of the inner circle don't want known? That is just one example. If you don't think she hasn't got a slew of Washington's top dogs by the testicles (I tried to be as nice as I could with that word!), you just haven't taken the time to figure out Washington and politicians as a whole. I bet if Hillary started talking, she could empty Washington and fill up the Federal Prisons. So, yeah, there is going to be a big stink, an investigation, and a Congressional Investiation and Hearing, but that's all for us to make us believe they have the law and our best interests at heart. Yeah, right!

     Obama and Holder just had to get involved in the Ferguson, MO shooting of Michael Brown and ensuing protests that were all show for the precursor to the rioting and looting. The Grand Jury brought back a "No True Bill" on the officer in the shooting. I disagreed with the jury. Okay, you've shot Michael Brown, he's running away from you, wait until your backup arrives and finish the arrest and subsequent ambulance ride for Michael Brown, not the morgue van. The officer did not bring his non-lethal weapons with him that day. Uh-okay, that's like a carpenter without his hammer; you are issued it but you show up without it, well then you either go back and get it or go home. Michael Brown was being chased by an armed officer who had already shot him. The proverbial trapped rat syndrome occurred. Michael Brown turned around to charge his persuer. By this point, the idiot officer should have pulled out his Taser or his pepper spray...oops, he left it in his locker. So, what could have been an initial volitile act of aggression, could have, should have resulted with Michael Brown on the ground, either writhing in pain from the taser, or blinded from pepper spray...but still alive. Enter Obama and Eric Holder:

     Instead of remaining silent, other than stating that the law is taking its course, they had to start running their racially charged mouths (against whites), parroting Jessee Jackson, Farrahkan, and Sharpton. You would expect the Commander-In-Chief and the top law officer of the country to create an atmosphere of calm, reassurance, yet a force to be reckoned with if the crowd fails to maintain control and not become violent. As far as Jackson, Farrahkan, and Sharpton, if they didn't get their faces in front of cameras making bold yet impotent statements...well it just wouldn't be the same would it? The circus without the clowns.

     Now let's address the Department of Justice (DOJ), it found no wrongdoing in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Case closed, right? Nope. Obama and Holder still have been running their mouths, threats of suing Ferguson, MO if things weren't done the way they, Obama and Holder, wanted it done! So heads started rolling, the old "throw someone under the bus" to pacify the crowd. But that didn't work did it? Obama and Holder might as well have been at the front of the cloud screaming for justice for Brown, or chanting "Hands up, don't shoot!". If the big idiots in the protests wanted to yell or chant the correct words, it would have been, "If Michael Brown had put his hand up, he wouldn't have been shot!" Now with Obama and Holder's involvement, it gave some idiots justification in their mind to shoot two innocent police officers. And then caught on the audio of someone's filming of the officers lying on the ground, "If you had resigned 9 months ago, this might not have happened!" Is this what we've come to in America? We don't see justice like we want, so we just shoot innocent people? How many Ferguson Police Officers lives is enough to bring justice to the mob? As I said earlier, a moronic police officer without his non-lethal weaponry caused this. He took one life. Mob violence will bring in more police, or even the National Guard. Then what? More lives ruined and lost, for what? What justice will that bring?

     When will it stop? God, who knows? I know the good citizens of Ferguson and St. Louis County are ready to go back to a normal life. So is the majority of the nation, but it won't. Too many non-working, lazy, trouble-making low lifes with nothing better to do. That, or as long as the destraction keeps going with the protests and riots, the police will be too busy to keep the real criminals under check. Amazing! Even I can see a method to the madness. We were once a country of laws, balances and checks. No more. We are a country of anarchy, ruled by the center of not Chicago where the mob used to rule...I'm talking about Washington D.C. They make Al Capone, John Dillenger, and Baby Faced Nelson look like kids with cap guns. They use power to instill fear. They use their power to commit crimes and no one their is to stop them, including a castrated Senate and Congress. See, it's not guns that kill's politicians!   
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