Thursday, December 12, 2013


I came up with the character, Solomon Stryker, because I feel this world needs a new superhero to look to. Today's superhero has new enemies to deal with. It is no longer the black and white good and bad scenario that Superman, Batman and our past heroes dealt with. Today, we live in a world where terrorism is an everyday event and fear in all corners of the world. Solomon Stryker is the man to stand and face them without having qualms of upsetting anyone else or the ideas. He doesn't care if bleeding hearts say he is harsh or wrong, he only knows that terrorism must be eliminated at all costs and will not stop at leveling towns or countries to drive home his point. I see him as someone who could exist. He is the man to bring America back to the most feared nation in the world. Looking at how he would handle a real relationship is why I see his relationship as in constant turmoil with Candace because he wants what she offers him, love. But he is also a man who is fragile when it comes to a relationship, because it means giving up some of his control and allow another to guide him. It creates what he sees as a vulnerability in his life, yet one he is trying hard to accept. What Candace has yet to see is the extreme dark side of this man. She does not know to what lengths he will go to maintain a control over the world of the terrorist world as well as shaping the world to what he sees it should be to be fair to all. We know in book one, he had the thought cross his mind as to what he would have to do to Candace should she turn against him after he revealed C.A.I.N. to her. The question is, will Stryker be willing to sacrifice Candace's life to bring his child up to fill in his footsteps. Even I don't know, because Solomon hasn't let me in on his future plans yet. He and C.A.I.N. are up to something, and C.A.I.N. may have his agenda. I will let you know next year when Solomon and Candace sit down and tell me what's up! Tune back in for updates!
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