Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fallon's Land Sent For Publishing!

As of 12/02/2013 I have sent Fallon's Land to smashwords.com and Amazon for publishing (Available now for Kindle.) Here is the introduction:

My name is Trece Fallon. My family owns the largest ranch in Wyoming and has for over 150 years.
Today is a day of reckoning that had been building since my, great, great, great grandfather Jedediah Fallon first came to Wyoming back in 1860.
It was a hot, sweltering day in the streets of Dry Run, Wyoming. On a day such as this, most people would be inside, soaking up the coolness of hard running air conditioning systems.
This day in Dry Run, the good town folk were on the sidewalks, watching the scene that was unfolding before them. Our town was like all western towns in the 21st Century. There were plenty of stories of gunfights in its history, with murders, lynching and hangings. The type of events that feed the rich lore that made multitudes of television shows and movies. Dime novels made events like quick-draw gunfights, done either at noon, outside a saloon or at dawn, a thing that fed the minds of the world and the country.
Children grew up with their wooden guns, walking towards each other, waiting for the other to draw their gun. Then the sounds of the children yelling, “Bang-bang” and then playfully falling dead in the street.
We have the exaggerated tales of gunfights with the fastest on the draw killing his opponent. It was mostly the ignorant by-stander, thinking they had a great view of what was about to transpire, being the shot and ending up in the local cemetery! That left the two gunfighters fighting to be the first one to draw back the hammers on their pistols to get the second shot fired next!
Dry Run, Wyoming was no different. The extraordinary difference from most western towns, was its lore based upon the my family protecting Dry Run and our Native American friends from one particular bad element that had infested the area with a bullish, overbearing attitude, bent on any criminal activity from rustling to gang style enforcers.
Today appeared to be another day for the history books. Standing in the street of Dry Run, were three individuals, two who were intent on killing the one, carrying guns and enough hate for 10 gunfights. This fight was a long time in coming, a fight had been building for over one hundred and fifty years, and cooler heads or the law could no longer prevent it from playing out!
However, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take you back to when the bad blood and hostilities began…!
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