Wednesday, November 18, 2015


     When I grew up, John Kennedy's speech of, "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country." meant something different than it would today. It was a statement to bring us together as a country, to help us open up as a nation. We had our country's back, and the country had ours. Today that statement would be better stated, "And so, my fellow slaves to Obama, ask not what Obama can do for you (like he does anything for us!), ask what Obama demands and you will do it whether you agree with it or like it! I am God Obama!"

     The difference between being proud to be an American, to apologizing to the world for being one, is in a dark contrast to what we were. Gone are the days when coming to America, to become a citizen, to live the promise and the dream America inspired. That was then, this is now. Now the dream is seen through smoked glass, it's hard to find. Pride in being an American is shouted down by those who have bought into Obama and the liberals view in how to transform America. Had we known Obama's vision of how he would transform our country, we would have loaded him up on a C-9 and kicked his butt out over his land of birth: Kenya.

     We are now at his and his administration, Democrats, and liberals will. No longer do we have a voice in our country and how we expect it to run. So we voted in a Republican majority in both houses. Where have they been hiding? They're scared shitless (excuse my language) of Obama. If they weren't afraid of him, he would have been impeached and thrown out of office as soon as we took the houses I am just about ashamed to admit I pull for the Republican Party. No one in Washington has our backs. We The People have become the dirt that Obama and his demolition crew walks on. 'Demolition Crew' is a good name for those who follow Satanic Obama. They demolish America and our way of life and those sent to Washington to protect our Country and Constitution, instead of doing just that, they thump their chests in soap box speeches, or go on news and talk shows and decry the failures of the failures of Obama and how he is destroying our country and values, as well as embarrassing our country in front of the world!

     No, it's not the Muslim extremists fault for the terrorist acts they commit in this world, it's a video, an editorial drawing, the climate change that are to blame. Gee, I dislike a lot of things, but strapping on an explosive vest, carrying AK-47's into a crowd and blowing up innocent people and mowing them down with fully automatic weapons. I hate and despise Obama, the Democratic Party, liberals and climate changers, but I have no desire to kill and maim them! So, Obama and Kerry, you can apologize for the ill you have done to America and the world, but do not apologize for me! I didn't allow the JV Team to grow! I didn't allow our Ambassador and three others to be brutally murdered in Benghazi! I haven't weakened our military, forcing into retirement the very military leaders who would have defeated ISIS if given the green light. I would never have hired a known terrorist sympathizer and financier to head up our Homeland Security, giving him unfettered access to America' s classified documents and Intel. You did. You also like to use a world stage to ridicule Republicans, stating they are trying to keep widows and orphans from seeking asylum in our country, yet from all reports we know very few women and children are among those whose wish to come to America, mainly able-bodied men who should be fighting to preserve their country instead of acting like they should have asylum! No able-bodied Syrian male should be allowed into our country, instead, sent back to Syria to fight for their cause! How about facing off against those Republicans, face to face, instead of having thousands of miles between you and them? Why not? Because you are the chicken-shit coward we all know you to be!

     If our military prominence in the world is to be restored, our military needs to arrest you and all of your administration for treason. This does include: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Janet Napolitano, and Kathleen Sebelious. Allow Paul Ryan and his choice for Vice President into office, in hopes that we can once again return to the America we were once proud of, and a military force not to be reckoned with. We weren't a world bully then, rather one who stood strong as the light of freedom to the world, and a country our Allies could sleep easy knowing we were there. The only way we, as Americans, have a chance to regain control of our Government and Presidency is for The Muslim Mafia and his henchman be removed from office, by immediate impeachment or our military removing you, under the authority of Congress, for treason. One way or another, you and your administration has to go, and I believe the good citizens of America are just about ready to demand it.

     Folks, we have to get him and his administration out by phoning the hell out of Congress and Senate. If we don't take a stand now, America the Beautiful will become: America the North American Caliphate! 

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