Saturday, November 14, 2015


     There are no words that can ease the pain, the horror, and evil we have witnessed our Allies in Paris having to try to accept and fear. As a Blogger and writer, words usually come easy, yet I find myself pausing between sentences, sometimes between words, to try to wrap my mind around such evil that grips Paris and all over France. I don't know about anyone else, but my wife and I sat riveted to every picture and video on the screen, and hanging on every bit of information as officials and news agencies attempted to assimilate and structure the responses that would allow their audiences to feel what must have been a nightmare coming to life as time passed.

     Familys, friends, children, spouses, and communities have just started dealing with the deep grief and unbelief. We, as civilized people, are angry, most wanting swift and final revenge agains any and all Muslims. Some of us are finally coming to a realization that our president and his administration has set up our country for far worse than the disaster Paris experienced. Bleeding heart liberals want every class of people to be brought to our country for asylum, yet by one of the terrorit's body was a passport, which Greece has verified, as a refugee seeking asylum from Syria. How many have you already allowed into America, Obama? How many Americans will scream, be blown to pieces, or maimed because of your willingness to allow the wolves to find asylum among the sheep? You are, Mr. President, one sorry bastard for not doing everything in your power to make sure none of these evil killers gained entrance into our society! You have no clue, and your talking points last night proved yoiu are unattached, and a careless bastard when it comes to others suffering, unless it makes you look good. You could use the explosions last night as part of your 'Climate Change' agenda!

     "ONCE YOU GIVE UP A RIGHT OR FREEDOM, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. GOVERNMENTS ARE NEVER WILLING TO GIVE BACK THE CONTROL THEY HAVE OVER THE POPULACE!" Here is the evil I see working in your mind, Obama old buddy. If it occurs here, your drooling lips can;t wait to say, "Martial Law". Yeah, I know your agenda all to well. Martial Law suspends presidential elections, because as long as Martial Law is in effect, you can't be removed from office. He will be allowed to suspend our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You will have the ability to tell your henchman to suspend Habeas Corpus, which will allow them to detain, arrest, imprison and enter all dwellings, commercial or private, without the need of a judge signing a warrant. Your henchman can seize anything and everything without good cause, including our guns. We would enslaved to you and your henchman and Sorros. If you all don't believe me folks, read up on Martial Law rules as they apply in America.

     We need to mourn, support, and pray for our brother and sisters in France, but we cannot look to our government to solve our problems here. If you lose sight of who we are, and fail to keep our wits about us, Obama's plan to enslave America, will come to fruition. We, as American citizens, have always been the one to defend our country. We as Americans will be called on by our neighbors, our communities, cities and states to defend who we are and our way of life. DO NOT....DO NOT ALLOW OBAMA TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW!! Once he does, the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be good paper kindling to start a fire in a 55 gallon drum with wood in it to keep a little heat for those of us his reign will imprison.

     What was one of the first things that the President of France did during the chaos, violence and fear that was going on, not all over France, but in Paris? Instead of waiting for the paramilitary (police) forces to let him know that all of the Jihadi imbeciles were dead, allowing Paris to finally exhale, he declared Martial Law bestowing on him the same abilities and power that Obama will gain. Our Governors should tell the Federal Government that, unless they ask for his help, to stay out while our paramilitary forces, our National Guard, as well as our well organized militias resolve the problem with quick and decisive means to bring Muslim Extremists under control or stacked like cord wood. I can't express this enough! Yes, mourn with the people of France, but do not fall into the trap they have fallen into: Martial Law.

     Our government has proven it does not improve our lives, nor is it willing to enforce laws already on the books to ensure our safety. Turning to the Federals is never the answer because they are the keepers of the doors that allowed these evil Muslims into our nation in the first place. 9/11 and Boston are too easily forgotten. Where did these terrorists come from? Who allowed them into our country. Wasn't me! Wasn't you either. It was the Federalists who did. They are never the answer, just a part of the extreme problem that exists in our country. Say, "Never!" to Obama, but grab your neighbor's hand and say, "Together, we can and we WILL!".
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