Thursday, November 12, 2015


I suppose that with everything going on recently (presidential debates, Hillary's growing issues with the FBI probe, students at the University of Missouri acting like jackasses, and etc...etc..) it's mind Blog-gling (catch the pun? Weak, right:), it's hard to figure out where to start! goes!

1.) The debates:
      a.) The Democratic debates were as boring as watching 93 year olds  playing softball (no disrespect intended to 93 year olds), and the questions asked were twice as boring. The responses were no better either. If you think asking kids if they want candy or ice cream and expect 'no' to be you're seriously in la-la land. There wasn't a question asked that would rankle the hackles of any of the debaters. I mean, where was the juicy hard ball questions that they had the opportunity to hammer Hillary with? Where were the questions directed at Bernie Sanders about his socialist stance? Damn, the guy is as big a socialist as Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and so on. Please let me be one of the moderators at the next Democrat debate! Please! I may get booed a lot, but I would damn sure hold their feet to the fire and expose them for what they are: the worst disaster and evil that America has seen and would experience since Pearl Harbor. Both of them feel America is so weak right now that they believe they have the power to be the next Tojo and bring America to its knees so their imminent attack on the heart of our society can come under their tyrannical rule. Do you think I'm overstating the situation? Follow Hillary's career and you will see a litany of lies, deception, cronyism, treason, more lies to cover up Benghazi, her attempt to wipe her her illegal server clean to hide her miss use and treasonous acts. Bernie, well, Bernie has never been one to hide his true colors so he's easy to research.
     b.) The Republican debate, not much better. I wasn't a fan of the last debate which was an out and out attack on the candidates instead of a feed of questions needing an answer! That debate was designed to try to entrap, expose, discredit, and embarrass. A 180 degree approach to the Republican candidates. Still, even with substantive questions, some of the candidates fell flat.
     Illegal immigration is a problem. Securing our borders is a tall, but necessary task for our next president (we can count out Obama in accomplishing the securing of our borders, hell, our country!). Don't hit us with big, flamboyant, unattainable crap. Yes, build the damn wall! However, of those that are here already, ship out any and all that are already criminals. If they break the law here, they are held accountable to our laws, just like everyone else. You could probably eliminate half the illegals. However, those that are here illegal, make it a fear free registration, so we know who is here, and explain the fine, and then the long path to citizenship. Explain that if they become a drag on an already overhwelmed subsidy system, they have to go. Reward those who are innovative and bring a positive impact on our country. No ammnesty, rather deport the criminals, and require those allowed to stay to become productive good citizen wannabees. That's an idea that just might work.

2.) Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. What to do about you. There's only one answer. Hold her accountable for the felonies she is now know to have committed, arrest her and try her for her crimes. Use the best and brightest upcoming Federal Prosecuters to defeat the high dollar defense team that the Clinton Foundation can throw at them. Surely your didn't expect Hillary and Bill to use their money, did you? If the citizens of America are to see the crumbling of the powerful as they are held to the same standard as the common joe, it has to start there.
     The Republican base wants to bring Americans back together, so to do that, you've got to shrink an oversized government, show us where every penny of our tax money is spent, eliminate the IRS, strip it of it's KGB power. Pull the EPA back to doing what was intended: to ensure that our water is safe, our ground is not being poisoned, and find chemical and nuclear waste dumping grounds, clean it up and hold accountable those who created the mess. Eliminate the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM believes America belongs to them instead of We the People. Eliminate the Federal Reserve, or place it under Congressional oversight, to eliminate the games it plays with our economy. If we're going to hold Wall Street accountable, then the FED has to be as well.
     NO BUSINESS IS TO BIG TO FAIL!! I really like the idea thrown out Tuesday night; if a bank, like Bank of America. is going to fail, allow the depositers to get their original investment out and then let it fail. No more bailouts! I know quite a few small businesses that failed, not due to mismanagement or greed, but rather our failing economy and they didn't receive a bailout! Check any Democratic run city or state and you will see why our economy sucks. Democrats destroy economys, they don't improve them.


3.) (I promise this will be the last one for this Blog, that is if you're not snoring by now), The University of Missouri. Here again, is the case of the tail wagging the dog. These students are making demands? Screaming white priveledge? What the hell? They are at a top notch, highly respected university, getting a great education and they're complaining? This is one white boy (well, old white man) who didn't have that priveledge! You are getting to go to the University of Missouri and your crying white priveledge? (I know I sound redundant, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that one!) What's so white priviledge about being accepted as a student to a major university? Hey African American (black) students! Have you not studied the hardships, killings, beatings, hangings, white only restaraunts, blacks to the back of the bus, and the stand by Rosa Parks? Have you not watched 'Missippi Burning'? Have you not read about the marches, the water cannons, the dogs being turned loose on marchers, to inflict bites, pain, and shed blood? The marches went through hell, being pelted by rocks, bricks, baseball bats, and police clubs. The marchers endured all of that to one day eliminate the seperation that divided the races! Have you not read about or heard about Martin Luther King Jr. and how all of these people (including whites marching with them) gave you the ability to attend such a great university, and you spit if their faces while you make demands? If I were your parent I would make sure you pay your way from the moment you joined the 'white priveledge' movement and were part of making demands! You are there for an education, not to decide who is and is not to teach there, or be part of the administration! The old saying, "If you don't like it here, baby, go on down the street until you find what you're looking for!". You bunch of disrespectful, idiotic kids need to be made to find out what it's like to be no longer a part of Mizzou and no university willing to touch you! America is always open to new, productive and positive ideas. What it doesn't need is a bunch of ungrateful kids making demands to bring about not one positive result. I apologize to you, Dr. King, because they sure won't!

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