Saturday, August 29, 2015


     Okay, by now you will know I am seriously anti-Muslim and despise their very existence. If someone could wish for genocide of a species, I would advocate the genocide of the evil, murderous, pedophilia loving, rapists, who believe they are to rule the world! Their removal from existence would prove a blessing to humanity! Not only are they wanting to destroy America and Israel, they love to destroy each other! I wish, just like the T.V. series, The Dome by Stephen King, could actually happen and trap all Muslims, allowing the sand-suckers to kill each other off! 

     They the most evil entity that has walked the earth, whose path, if left unchecked, will surpass the death toll of Hitler! Two U.S. city mayors are allowing, no that's not right: they are promoting, a celebration on 9/11, to honor Sharia and host The 9th Annual Ramadan Unity Dinner under the guise of 'A Rise of Hope Not Hunger'! Citizens of Lansing and East Lansing Michigan, you must be so proud to dishonor the memory of those who died on 9/11/2001 as Muslims flew two jetliners into the Twin Trade Towers, causing the death of approximately 2,750 people, flew a jet airliner into the Pentagon of which only 184 of the 189 that died could be identified! Let's not forget about flight 93, depending on the story you believe, was either shot down by a military jet or was forced down by the passengers, with a death toll of 45, for a death total of approximately 2984 people dying on 9/11, by who? MUSLIMS YOU IDIOTS IN MICHIGAN!

     You want to celebrate with Muslims, their evil and chants for death to America and Israel (Don't forget, Michigan, you are a part of the 'Death to America' they chant!)! You can't negotiate with terrorists. You can't befriend terrorists. You must deal with them in the only way they understand: Their bastard brothers in arms blowing to peaces or being burned to a crisp, as well as being vaporized in front of their eyes! You drive them back into the earth that their vile bodies are made up of. Being accused of being a Muslim should strike fear into any Muslim's heart as they know Patriots will be coming for them! Airports should be jammed with fleeing Muslims! Boats should be booked, loaded to standing room only, filled with Muslims fleeing America. Any Muslim that is in America, who commits spousal abuse, murder, rape and pedophilia, deserve a wall to lean against as they hear and feel the last thing of their lives: The report of a rifle and the pain of a bullet tearing either through their heads or hearts!  

     Not only are they celebrating with the sand-suckers, They have a school contest with a prize of $500, for the best essay on Muslims! And you want your children going to these schools? You haven't overpowered your city's politicians, stripping them of all power, and ending the celebration? Are you that stupid and weak? Women of Michigan, you have fought for women's rights and you're willing to stand by while Sharia Law is praised? Your sure gonna  love it when you are required to wear black Burkhas, your husband can beat you and even kill you, rape your children and other other children because it their right?! So much for women's rights! I hope you enjoy your new existence (however long your husband decides that will last!)!

     Ask yourselves, how would any of those almost 3,000, who died (not for God and Country),rather at the hands of terrorists, react to what America is becoming? Do you think you might hear the resonating sound of, "You're embracing our killers? You're celebrating with them? You're allowing the very same people who killed us to build mosques and enforce their laws here? Are you kidding us? We will never live to see our loved ones, and you're okay with the very people who took our lives?"

     I hope you enjoy sand-sucking along with them, while your knees become calloused from bowing and praying in the direction of Mecca! My Saviour will return with a shout, and will split the Eastern Sky! LOOK UP! Your redemption draweth nigh! I will look up for my Jesus. You keep looking at a carpet and the earthly direction of a city. Revelations 21:2, "21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." My, not hope, but faith tells me where my hope lies, and it isn't staring at a rug! 

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