Monday, August 17, 2015


     WHEN I TAKE A LOOK AT THE POLITICAL FIELD FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016, WHETHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMONCRATS (YES, I SAID DEMONCRATS), REMOVE TRUMP AND DR. BEN CARSON AND YOU'RE LEFT WITH POLITICIANS! YUK! We have enough politicians working to ruin everything they touch. Politicians don't care what their constituents want, never have, never will. They go to their office with one intention: To build wealth and power for themselves. That we need a strong military to protect our nation, our interests and our allies means nothing. They will gladly lay down in the same bed with the worst of the worst just to make more money, not caring how it hurts Americans, our safety, our border, our economy, and the American way of life. We now live in a country that even I don't recognize anymore. I'm only 59 and this country has changed so quickly and drastically, that my childhood only seems like a dream; a movie from what life is like on another world.

     Here we are staring at another Presidential election in 2016. The removal from office of the devil himself who has ruined our country in every way possible. With all the destruction he and other politicians have done to our country, the presidential wannabees start lining up like a line up at the local police station. Americans point at all of them and say, "I'm positive, they're all guilty!!" Then enter right stage two candidates who have no political experience! You mean two people with no political baggage want to actually take the reigns of our country? Scary? Nope! Refreshing! Two people who have proven themselves in their fields that they are intelligent and successful. Two people who have no problem ruffling the feathers of the progressives, socialists, racial agitators and calling them out for what they are! Refreshing? Hell to the yes!

     There are the detractors who call Donald Trump loud, bloviator, a person with no clear answer to our nations problems, and no shot at the GOP nomination. I like Trump. Yes he has changed his rhetoric from when he was younger, who hasn't? For most people, our youth was about rebelling against the status quo. As we grew older, responsibilities, jobs, mortgages, and children changed our view of life and how our rebellious ways were silly dreams that held no grip on the reality of life. Trump is no different. He has his eyes wide open, seeing what our country is suffering, and as successful as he has been in keeping his word, making dreams become reality and keeping people working; I just feel I'm seeing another Ronald Reagan rising and for the first time in a long time I have hope!

     Then enters a man who is quiet in demeanor, but has a spine made of tungsten steel. Don't let Dr. Carson's quietness fool you. Just like Trump, illegal aliens, terrorists, economic destructors, countries who do not have our best interests at heart should fear us. Build the walls to protect our borders, hunt down our enemies no matter who they are should fear the resolve of Donald Trump and Dr. Carson! Both are in a league of their own. They owe no special interest allegiance. They see our country as the Republic envisioned by our forefathers. They believe in our Constitution as the final say, not a bunch of black-robed god wannabees in an over-sized stone mausoleum called the Supreme Court. For once, since the Reagan era, someone cares about America, not from a foreigner's point of view, or live up to a terrorists demands instead of spitting in their face and drawing a line in the sand that contains Kyptonite of America that they will kneel again at the Might and Patriotism of the American spirit!

     Allow Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson to change the political landscape of America to one that unites us, returns America to the economic, Military, and greatest country in the world. One that people of the world wish their country emulated, but tremble at America's Might Power and Resolve again to where no sand sucking asshole would dare to attack!

     We have an opportunity to change America back to "The land of the Free and the home of the Brave!" Send a message to Washington that we the people rule this country. Do it by removing politicians from office and replacing them with American Patriots!! People who don't answer to special interests, donors, or lobbyists. People like you and me. The ones who are tired of watching the Royals live the high life while they destroy our country. The opportunity is there for us to take. Use your vote to bring back an America we gladly pass on to our children, and the generations there after. Now is the time patriots! Fire the first shot over the bow of progressiveness and socialism in our country. Take our country back without any bloodshed. CAST YOUR VOTE FOR AMERICA!!
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