Sunday, August 23, 2015


     Until here recently, who of you gave the country of Slovakia, whose population is approximately 5.5 million, a second thought. I'll be honest; not me! Yet this little country stood up to the most overreaching, domineering evil in this world, even worse than the Muslim hoard, and thumbed their nose at them! Here is the big United Nations, an entity that feels it has the right to dictate to the world how it will operate and to countries, how they are to follow the rule that the U.N. has dictated. Yet this week, this little country told the big bad dog it would not take Muslim refugees, rather it would take Christian refugees only. Can you imagine the slack-jawed, noisy gasps from the mighty U.N. when this little country kicked them in the ribs! Ha! I would love to have seen that!

     As president, one of my land-mark rulings would be to remove the sovereignty of the U.N., reclaimed the land for and buildings for re-design their architecture for high rent apartments! I would inform the U.N. that America's sovereignty and future is based upon the documents that forged this country: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights! The U.N.'s overreach into our country, government, and our daily lives is over. I would no longer recognize the U.N. as a sanctioning body that has the power to dictate anything to the United States, rather I would perk up their ears with the statement, "We are the mightiest nation on the face of the planet. All you need to do is ensure that the rest of the world plays nice, and leaves our allies and Israel alone, or feel the wrath of our military!" We will not request the right to use military force through the U.N., rather they will come on their knees begging us to resist the need to annihilate a country! 

     A small country knows the need to protect Christians. Why? Could it be their history books have not minimized or eliminated the Holocaust, and still remember the evil of another entity that tried to dictate to the world in the form of the Third Reich? They probably still remember vividly the destruction Hitler and the Third Reich did to their country as well as the surrounding countries! They probably keep a fresh and vivid memory of watching the Jews in their country disappearing, only to find out how this overreaching demon attempted to commit genocide of the Jews! Sounds like what Muslims are trying to do now o Christians!

     Stay the course, Slovakia! Show the world that saving Christians, while denying the evil of the Muslim Hoard to enter your country! You are a sign, a symbol of courage that we all should embrace and mirror in our own countries! You are not alone! I pray God protects your country and its citizens from harm and abuse by any power, especially the U.N.! God Bless you, Slovakia!
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