Sunday, February 15, 2015


     It has been a while since I've written a Blog. So many things have been happening in my life and around me and in the world that has kept my keyboard silent and gathering dust. I watch as my own family grows up and I realize I am seeing a video in my mind of what my parents saw though their eyes: How to deal with the Great Divide.

     When our children were babies, went through the their terrible two's, started to sense the difference between themselves and the opposite sex, puberty and then the precipice of The Great Divide. Teenagers. All up to the point of the precipice, our children "Walked on our feet" then once they took that first step over the precipice, we were looked at as a money tree and a nuisance who denied them the basic right of being allowed to do whatever they chose to do. The enemy. That is when the saying changed from walking on our feet to: "Stomping on our hearts". Mom could be beautiful, with a "10" figure, and dad could be as slick as James Bond, but it didn't matter, we were an embarrassment, an intruder into their lives and again, the enemy.

     Gone were the wrestling matches, hugs, pecks on the cheek, especially if anyone could see it. Our children went from sponges, absorbing knowledge to being sponges of all the bad habits we thought we could protect them from. Then it suddenly hits you; they are me. My father and mother's worst nightmare. A teenager with a mind of their own. Mind of their own being what they found as cool, hip or what the other kids were doing. You, as a parent, suddenly found out who were the bad parents were. They were bad parents because theirs was the house all the cool kids flocked to, swimming in their pool, the unchaperoned parties where the alcohol, drugs and sex flowed freely. Here's where it really gets interesting! "No, Johnny or Sally (yeah I'm old because those aren't cool names anymore), you are not to go to that house, that party, or hang around with those kids! They are a bad influence and we raised you better!" Frost and Ice. Then came the, "I hate you!" Our children were now fully Traversing the Great Divide. Teenagers are like water flowing down a hill: they take the path of least resistance, resistance being their parents. Later in life (if they make it that far) they begin to realize that the resistance they fought against was what gave them the foundation to become good and successful adults. Then when they have children of their own, they realize the suddenly sound like us; The Resistance". That's when we can sit back and smile at them. Yep, yep , yep, yep! Told ya so!

     We try to raise them the best we know how and then "IT" takes over. No I didn't say the Id, I said the "IT". What is the IT. Rebellion. Know it all'ism. The pulling force of what appears to be cool, but as with all "cool things" the undercurrent of what is harmful or evil is always present, hidden well maybe, but still there.  As parents we sometimes lose the battle, watching our children hit the gutter or worse burying out of sequence. Parents are to die before their children, but the EVIL in this world changes that. We used to have be concerned with gangs, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol as well as war taking our children, however, we now have an enemy that's the hardest and the worst to defeat. An ideology and fanaticism that tugs at their hearts. A belief in immortality by the killing, murdering, and conquering in then name of progressiveness and a twisted religious beliefs. Zealots of evil. As with the children of Nazi Germany were indoctrinated to believe the insanity of Hitler, the Japanese were indoctrinated by the an Emperor that felt the Asian people should rule the Pacific to the point the attacked the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, and then when things got desperate he used a lunatics propaganda to convince pilots to commit suicide missions, diving their planes into Naval vessels. Sound familiar? It should.

     Our children are being drawn into a new insanity. Yet we stand by and allow it to occur. Islam. A hideous and totalitarian so called religion, which aligns itself with the hysteria of Hitler and Japan. suicide bombers and murderous zealots who like the suicide bombers of Japan and those who aligned with Hitler. Glory and great rewards in the afterlife if you kill all who do not align yourself with the lunacy and the lunatics of the propaganda. The Islamic terrorists are using effective propaganda to entice our youth to join in their mission of hate and reap the rewards in the afterlife, so as the youth in Nazi Germany, anyone, including friends and family who stood against their insanity were to be reported on and destroyed.

     It used to be that The Great Divide would, in years, heal itself. Now we face a Great Divide that may never heal. It's one of extreme hate and the willingness to commit extreme atrocities against human beings. Hate is the driving force of all things in this world like never before. Islamic hate, Black hate of whites, whites hate of blacks and all other extreme feelings are all thrown in the pot of hate as well. So what is the answer? Only one thing we can do, pray. Pray for our children that God open their hearts and minds to Him and His Son. Will violence occur. Yes. Will Christians fight back against the evil hordes of hate to protect their families? I would hope so. Read my Blog: 


     All we can do at that point is pray, pray, pray. Put them in God's hand to place a shield of protection around them. We can't stop being the resistance because it makes us "uncool". Being the resistance is loving your children enough to say no when it comes. Being the resistance is love.
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