Monday, February 23, 2015


     What is scary about this Blog from the beginning is I find myself agreeing with: Donald Trump! Like Trump, I can remember when the Oscars and other award shows were full of pageantry. graciousness an humility. No matter what generation Trump was referring to, I have always considered all of the pageantry of the events to be a tremendous act of vanity. "Look at Me! Aren't I special and dressed in extremely overpriced dresses and suits!" Pish pash! You are like the rest of us, your urinate, having stinky bowel movements, terrible morning breath, raucous bursts of gas ( a nice way of saying farts) that can clear a room. If you don't bathe at least once a day, you stink. Even then, bend over and your rear smells like butt. You have to shave (most in areas I prefer not to mention}. Most of your feet stink. And last, but not least, unless you sit each day to have a glamor make up performed, your pimples, skin blemishes, pock marks and (for some) needle tracks, raw nose for snorting coke, and swollen eyes from drugs and alcohol are visible. Yeah, you're glamorous! No...not in a million years. No you're not, but you like to believe the press, your stupid no life adoring fans, who believe you are gods. For the most of you, your more from the evil point of the spectrum.

     A political platform. That is what the awards shows have become. I tell you what, Sean Penn, you're so pro immigration, I expect you to buy a thousand acres of property, build complexes to house all the illegal aliens, take them to the food stamp office (and I mean you personally) and see to all their needs yourself (not your staff, you personally) and guess where all the money comes from...YOU!  Who wants to place a bet that this doesn't happen? Any takers? Yeah right.

     Neal Patrick Harris, the lily white Sodomite trying to make a point of the lack of black nominees and winners. Well, if they made movies about black gangsters, drugs, rappers and women being treated like trash, they would get nominated. There's enough bad in this world without glorifying it. The black community believes they are entitled and should get the white man to pay the price. That's a load of crap. You aren't and never have been slaves!!

     Quit bastardizing the Civil Rights in a way that distorts what is truly known about  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., someone who I knew had his faults and the terrible handicap called being human. Yet above all the traps and missteps in his life, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was and is a hero of mine. He was not self-centered and vain, "Look at me, I am the black Second Coming!" No, his message was just not to the black community, but to all races. When you listen to him, he wanted equality for all. He wanted us to live together in peace. I believe, no truly believe, Dr. King would be outraged and saddened by what has become of what he gave his life to change. No one, and I don't care what color you are, deserve nothing unless you work hard and earn it. You don't earn anything or deserve anything just because you are black, white or Hispanic. You want something bad enough, be exceptional. Rise above all else and prove you are willing to work hard, persevere honestly and deservedly earn it. There are no short cuts. Earn it! Not only will you have achieved your goal, but the respect you deserve!

     If there is someone of the black community that deserves respect and the awards, an actor and producer. He touches on things that not only does the black community need to address, but all communities. When I watch every movie he produces and acts in, I laugh, yet suddenly I see problems with a fresh perspective and realize his heart is in the movie. He can make it as hilarious as he wants, but when it is over, you walk away thoughtful and realize he has reached you deep down. Tyler Perry. A genius of his art, but a man on a mission. Maybe that's why he is snubbed. He's not politically correct, he's just correct! That is where the difference begins. Attempt to emulate Tyler Perry's work, one that touches the communities you supposedly care so much about, and bring a positive message out of the problems you address.

     Last: If you want to preach your message, do it the old fashioned way; get you a wooden crate and stand on it on a street corner and preach away. Don't use a captive audience to promote your agenda. The Oscars was not about any one's agenda. The wealthy and privileged seem to think they are spokespeople for their causes when they have no idea what the cause even feels like or what it is to live it. Again, wealthy and privileged, how could they feel it? I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but I respect them. They do understand the plight because they get into the middle of it and try to help, not by grandstanding at the Oscars, but by living among them, adopting children from different races and cultures to bring sunlight into at least a few of their hearts. Anyone who considers Sean Penn, a thug and drunk, as a spokesperson for anything other than how to be pathetic, you deserve what you get!

    Patricia Arquette, I want you to buy a McDonalds franchise in a blue collar area and start paying your employees $15 an hour. The prices you would have to charge to offset the doubling of your payroll would price you out of business! Again, you speak of nothing you know anything about. You may be able to afford a $10 Big Mac, but the general public would never pay it. You may be able to afford a $7 order fo french fries, but the general public would never pay it. Get real, you moron and live among us, like us and at our incomes. It an eye opening experience you will never forget!
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