Tuesday, January 20, 2015


     How well are homosexuals, lesbians, the ACLU and Islamic Extremists play together in this new world of self identity, a national law firm that protects the rights of anyone with radical ideas but wouldn't help a Christian, the rights of Christians and the dismantling of the Constitution: and then there's the guys who like to cut off heads of everyone, shoot teenagers for just watching a soccer game and everyone who just happens to breath. Sounds like a mixed group, but there is an interesting scenario that develops. Follow me as I try to piece together this alarming puzzle. Not alarming for me, but for homosexuals, lesbians and the ACLU!

     In the last week, it was made plain how Islam, Islamic Jihadists and Muslims view what Christ said were "effiminates". and they would have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what Christ said. The effiminates that Christ was referring to was homosexuals. Now, though Christ plainly stated that homosexuals and lesbians are out of the picture when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven, He didn't tell us to kill them, slaughter them, or push them off of high buildings. Though most Christians are peaceful people, with no desire to harm anyone, other than those who would us or our families, then we become your worst nightmare! See the difference, our Lord and Savior plainly stated the future of those who practice the abomination of homosexuality and lesbianism what their future loss will be, but no where did he say to kill! Hmmm. Now these are the same Christians that the ACLU will castrate at every turn. Remember that statement.

     See, when not killing people who just happen to breathe, one thing that has been made certain, under Muslim law/Islam and especially for all those crazy Islamic/Jihadists extremists see you (homosexuals, lesbians and every other sexual deviance) as not going up to see Mohamed. Rather, they see you as flying off buildings, beheaded or gunned down because their religion will not tolerate you and they do kill those of you who practice sexual abomination. Remember the statement I told you to remember? Well now, the ACLU will fight all the way to any state's Supreme Court as well as the Federal Supreme Court that you have the right to behave in any deviant manner you choose, as well as the right to marry your same sex. See the ACLU doesn't protect Americans, only those they choose who will make news for them, creating an atmosphere that Americans quake in their boots at the very sound of their acronym. The ACLU has an agenda to push what is evil and against the grain of the majority of Americans, proving they do not care about the majority, again, only what makes them famous.

     Now here's the crux for you homosexuals, lesbians and sexual deviants; the very same ACLU that pushed your agenda to the forefront is also the same ACLU that defends the Cretans that want you dead! Makes for an interesting conundrum for you homosexuals, lesbians and sexual deviants doesn't it? The ACLU is playing both sides! They want you to perform deviant acts, but they also want the guys who will mutilate you and your bodies (maybe a beheading or two, or even some skyscraper base jumping without a parachute) to be free to do so! (How's that rainbow flag looking now? You might want to fly it at half mast or maybe take it down all together!).

     The conundrum gets worse for you homosexuals, lesbians and deviants. Now you have three enemies.
1.) Jesus Christ and His Father. 2.) Muslim Law/Islam, Islamic/Jihadist Extremists, and now your best buddies, 3.) The ACLU, have your backs against the wall because they intend to deliver you into the hands of your worst living enemy, those who wish your death! You thinks I'm crazy? Think again! Just look at who wants the civil rights of terrorists protected in our courts, even though they are not Americans? Yep, your bosom buddies, the ACLU! How do you figure this will all work out? Not well from where I'm sitting, then again I don't have a rainbow target on my back, do you?    
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