Monday, January 12, 2015


      I was just informed yesterday that a person, who is intent on causing problems for my family, accessed the Secret Service's Blacklist and I'm on it! WOW! I didn't know they had a "blacklist"! My understanding is that a Blacklist is a list set aside for the world's or a country's worst of the worst that they want, dead or alive. It can also be construed as a hitlist. I guess that places me in some pretty rough company: Baby Face Nelson, John Dillenger, Frank Nitty, Al Capone and so on and so forth. Again, WOW! To think about it, if he accessed any of the Secret Service's files, it would be him that would be on their list, not me!

     I understand this person is not well balanced, kinda tilted towards the nutty side of weird (if that makes sense). He's got a grudge against us, and that's okay. I'm no more concerned with him than I am with sun burning out. What is he referring to? He intends to use my Blog and opinions against me. Let's review why I'm supposed to be on the list:

     I am a very opinionated, conservative, Republican leaning, Christian faithed, Constitutionalist, terrorist hating, and defender of Israel. Yeah, that puts in me in some pretty cool, yet threatening company!

Do I like Obama? No. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) he ranks a -50. Do I wish him harm? No.
Do I like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Eric Holder? No. Do I wish them harm? No.
Do I like what these bozos have done to our country? No. Do I still wish them harm? No. 
Do I like Liberals and Progressives? No. Do I wish them harm? No.
Do I like Radicals and Extremists? No. Do I wish them harm? No.
Do I like racists or those who promote hate? No. Do I wish them harm? No.
Do I like Abortionists? Hell to the no! Do I wish them harm? Give me a minute to think.................. No.
Do I like Terrorists? No. Do I wish them harm? Every minute of everyday!

     See, in America we have the right of Freedom of Speech. I can spout my opinions about anyone, no matter who they are or what office they hold. The STOP SIGN of the Freedom of Speech is when that speech becomes slanderous or threatening. The old saying, "You can't yell fire in a crowded theater" is a common sense no - no in any country, freedom of speech or not. So, yes, I am very opinonated. Other than terrorists, I may not like you, your politics, your religion, your life choices, that your an abortionist or other scum, but I don't wish you harm. I just don't like you and if you're harming me or what I hold dear, you'll know about it. That's just the way I am. like it or not.

     The Secret Service is so worried about me, that the President was just recently in the area and...nope, no visit from the S.S. guys. Do they know who I am, quite possibly. Do they worry about me, nah. They know an opinionated person from a dangerous moron. They only way I would be violent is to protect my family, friends and country (and Israel if the need a 58 year old man dragging a gun behind him :)). I will stand between those who would destroy our Constitution and defend it to my last drop of blood! Again, I would only do anything that would cause physical harm to anyone in defense of what I hold dear.For all of you who are like me, you've just been informed you may be on the Secret Service's Blacklist as well! Belly up to the bar, boys and girls and we'll swap some of those blacklist stories!
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