Saturday, October 11, 2014


     While, we as Americans, have lived our lives, living in what was once known as the greatest country in the world, a beacon to the world, and a place that dreams could come true if you worked hard enough, that bubble of fantasy gets the pin in the ballon treatment. Most of us (myself included) always relied on the government to do what was best for 'us' and protect us with the most formidabble military the world has ever seen, and has seen since. Unlike North Kores, China and Russia, when the U.S. rattled the sabres, countries sat up straight in their chairs and quaked at who those sabres were being rattled against, hoping it wasn't them with the red laser dot on their face. Of course that was then, this is now. We'll come back to this later.
     Taking some time to look back through the history of our country, the 'regulars' or 'citizens who worked hard and served and died in wars' lived either an upper crust (not the 1%), middle class or poverty stricken were the pawns to bear the brunt of those high in power, and there were many over the years. Ask yourself, what one group has delivered the highest in power, men whose control would alter or shape the path of America, not for the good of our country, but one that is advantageous to them financially or politically as their agenda required. Well, one group would be Yale's Secret Society: Skull and Bones. The list of names is mostly one of low level politicians to Presidents. Here is a short list of what were probably the most important of those members: Howard Taft - President, William Averill Harriman - Governor of New York, multi-millionaire, Prescott Bush - H.W.'s father and W.'s grandfather - Senator, also rumored to have stolen Geronimo's skull which is also rumored to reside in 'The Tombs', the Skulls headquarters. Robert Lovett - known as the 'architect of the cold war', was also in the same timeline as Prescott Bush and also served in Truman's War Cabinet. Henry Luce - Founder and publisher of Time Magazine and first editor of The Yale Daily News, took the name 'Baal' (Remember now, George H. W. Bush's Skull's name is Magog). No one ever knew why he chose this evil name. Potter Stewart - His name for fame came asan Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and wrote the dissent on Griswold vs. Conneticut paving the way for contraceptives (the first step to abortion legalization?). George McBundy - Became one of JFK's Wise Men, who also had a personality that earned him the nickname "Odin". George Herbert Walker Bush - Ambassador to Red China, Director of the CIA, Vice President, President. William F. Buckley Jr. - Came to symbolize the most conservative brand of American Elitism. John F. Kerry - Of course we now he has been all of the spectrum of politics as well as a traitor in the Swift Boat controversary. Of course I'll finish with George W. Bush. There are many more who were part of The Skull and Bones who ended up (or were helped to fit into our political and financial web). Now what does all that mean? This is only ONE such society that is completely secretive, yet produces the makers and shakers of our country. How and why do they produce people of power? Great education? No doubt. A secretive effort to place their members in positions to control our country to move their agenda? More likely.
     Obama is the most noticeable for destructive measures wrought on the American people because he has made no effort to hide his disdain for our country, our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, as well as the American people. At least with Obama we know where he stands: In the WAY of progress, and occassionally is allowed to peak out of George Soro's pocket to make an appearance.
     Joe Kennedy was truely against Communism, yet he hated Jews. "A few individually are okay, but as a group, they stink" (I took liberty to paraphrase). Speaking about the atrocities commited by Hitler against the Jews, Joe Kennedy stated, "The got what they deserved!" Old Joe was an actual fan of Hitler. People of influence and of great wealth was also a Jew hater. A promoter of Anti-Semitism. Hmm. Could his offense aginst the Jews created the curse of the Kennedys? Kinda a bad idea to touch God's beloved people.
     What we believe we have control of as citizens, our protection under The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights is actually a figment of our imagination, a diluted sense of safety and security that we as citizens are allowed to believe in while those, like the men I listed as well as Obama, are happy to allow us to continue believing while they actually destroy our country. Obama has destroyed everything he has touched, including our safety by decimating the most powerful military we once had. We, as Americans, are now being told what is ours by God, is now given into the hands of Muslim lovers, liberal idiots, and those who would intimidate citizens into fearing the flying of our flag "because it might cause trouble with or offend Muslims".
     We watch while a country is stricken with Ebola, is being allowed to still land it's aircrafts in our country as Ebola cases start showing up across our country and Obama's solution to the Ebola problem is to allow citizens traveling in the infected areas of Africa where Ebola is most prevelant to enter our country without being quarrantined or turned away. He won't fight ISIS (NOT ISIL!) with ground troops, but he will send our troops into harms way by sending them to...once again the Ebola stricken Africa! Uh...duh.
     I'll finish by saying this: Do your homework quickly, before mid-term elections. Help your fellow citizens understand what we will deffinately face if the Senate is not flipped. Watch the voting stations and polls for illegal or irregular activities. Call all authorities immediately! Make sure those who are in charge of the polling stations know that they will be held accountable for knowingly allowing criminal activities when it comes to our most sacred right, the right to vote. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. That is as true today as ever. Be that good man or good woman to stand up and stop evil from triumphing!!

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