Monday, October 20, 2014


     Unless you are just coming out of a multi-year coma, a liberal college student (or in most cases, a college student...period), from the extreme liberal militant political side, a Yellow Dog Democrat, a lesbian or homosexual, a Muslim, or the suck up administration Obama surrounds himself with: You will be aware that our nation is dying a quick and decisive death. There is no one that can possibly be so ignorant that they will state that the American Citizen, not oil supplies or all of the other non-American Citizen improvement items they use with which to blind us from the actual facts, can possibly agree that the American Citizen is better under the Obama Administration. Tell me Americans aren't that blind or...excuse me...stupid to believe that garbage.
     Yes, more people are on food stamps, welfare, Medicaid as well as other subsidies. Employment, especially among blacks is inconceivable and a slap in the face to the black worker. Poverty is poverty no matter what color you are. The middle class, unknown to those who are not watching, is disappearing. The middle class is the pillar of our Republic. If the middle class does disappear, then you are left with those in political and government power and the worker. Sounds communistic, doesn't it?
     Now the silencing of it's citizens. We have the extreme left, Yellow Dog Democrats (including the Obama Administration) and liberal aliens (still waiting for the Mother Ship for the insane liberals to beam them up), using the "racist" tactic to shout us down. Now, the Democrats definately have the depraved lesbian and homosexuals firmly in their corner, using their secretive and militant tactics to shut down businesses, have owners face jail time and large fines unless they bow to their perverted lifestyle. (More on this later). Political correctness is being used to throw out our 1st Amendment Rights by using their PC rhetoric to say that we can't say, write or even wear clothing that proffesses our beliefs and even our faith. When I grew up, God ruled and all the folks, though few, didn't need to explain why they did not go to church or didn't have to defend their atheistic views, nor did anyone who wore shirts with Christian emplazoned pictures or statements deemed a threat or an insult to other religions. I have been raised in a Pentecostal church, but was friends with everybody outside my religous and faith. I wasn't a threat to them, nor were they a threat to me. We were okay, and that was that. No matter what our faith is, unless it is Islam, we have no rights to voice our beleifs, nor is it tolerated for us to voice opposition to what we believe. The 1st Amendment is bending to the point, it won't take much before it snaps.
     Religous freedoms. What's that? Oh, it is freedom as long as you are a Muslim with your Islamic, Sharia Law and Qu'ran beliefs. Not to be outdone, you have religous freedoms as long as it is inline with the disgusting, depraved lesbian/homosexual beliefs. Deny a L & H (tired and becoming nauseated of continually writing lesbians and homosexual) anything and suddenly your beliefs and faith are of no consequence. You MUST bow to their demands or suddenly you are facing possible jail time, large fines and the end of the business you have worked so hard to build. This is the forming of a police state. A private business retains the right to deny service to anyone, no explanation needed. It is up to you who you do or do not do business with. What if a business refuses to do business with companies in China just because they don't believe in the Chineese's oppression of its people? What if a business refuses to do business with Muslims in American until they have proven they are not a terrorist threat to our country? What if a business refuses to do business with an illegal alien because they cannot prove they are citizens or green card carrying aliens? At what point did businessess lose their rights?
     Oh...I know when! When this president and the liberal federal court judges decided that the only ones with rights are those who follow the satanic agenda they promote! Christians and their pastors are now people with less rights than illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists, and of course the known terrorists that were just recently released from Gitmo. Pastors sermons can now be subpoened to verify that didn't preach against the status quo and the sickening L & H community. Seperation of Church and State (Which once again is not in the Constitution, rather was mentioned in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Church of Danbury) now attacks the Church, its parishoners, and pastors from both directions leaving the Church with nothing but the persecutions that have now started and will only get worse as time passes. As a father of a pastor, you will have to kill me to get to him, and be assured, you will also pay for the attempt. Christ told Peter to put away his sword when peter cut off the man's ear, but He hasn't told me that! Where are you people of true faith? Why the silence? Romans 8:31, "If God is for us, who can be against us?".
     Even the Catholic Church is allowing this Pope to turn against the teachings of God and Christ, allowing a more gentle approach to L & H. Well why not? They are the biggest source of pedophiles in all Christianity. Now this Pope wants a one world religion. This is to placate the Muslim world, and boy will that backfire. They will join hands for s short while, and then the Muslims will turn on the Catholic Church because they won't convert. Tsk, tsk. Catholics, stand for God and Christ and the principles that God and Christ preached.
     We all have the right to our faith and beliefs, but no one group (those dreaded L & H and Muslims) don't see it that way. Believe their way or pay. Two factions are being allowed to destroy our religous freedoms, against what our Constitution allows, and threatening to create a revolution against the very framework of our Republic and Constitution. But who cares. We are the PC country. Everybody do what feels good to you, even if it destroys and tramples your fellow citizens rights. No big deal, right?
     When I was in the 8th grade (more years ago than I'm willing to admit), my Tennessee History teacher taught us something that is as true today as it was back then, and has stuck with me since: WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS, YOUR RIGHTS END!
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