Wednesday, June 29, 2016


     April 15, 2016. That's a long time since the last time I wrote and posted a blog. It took me a while to sort out what I was seeing in the world and our country; how it affected me, my family, friends and those around me. We are in a tremendous mound of political and evil crap. The days of "We the people" only applies if you follow the crowd. The crowd being those who are bent on performing any and all evil that even Sodom and Gomorrah could only have dreamt of. We no longer identify as 'man or woman' it's 'whatever I choose to be'. 

     Sodom and Gomorrah didn't have Internet pornography, or children's pornography to further their sick desires. What used to be a man, now poses as a woman. Calls himself a woman's name and ends up on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Homosexuals and lesbians, though around when I was young, kept it quiet and in the closet for fear of intimidation, ridicule, and even beatings for what we saw and knew was an abomination and a sickness of mind. Yep, the good old days. 

     Gun Control!! Oooooh! Doesn't that just make shivers run down your spine! I almost feel giddy with the thought of Socialist Nazism becoming the war cry of the Democrats and the liberals is making me feel more secure every day! The terrorists and gangs love the thought of an unarmed America. The very government that WE elect to represent us and our wishes, based upon law and the Constitution now rule us as if we were under a dictatorship rule! Wait! We are! It's no longer to serve us, it serves the wants of the minority and corrupt politicians, their cabinet members and all those oh so corrupt judges who no longer rule based upon, once again, the law and Constitution, but whatever the corrupt party wants to promote. I can tell you one easy way to tell who's with who: Do they say ISIL or ISIS? Correctly is ISIS, but this corrupt administration's puppets say 'ISIL'! Semantics? No. It is our Muslim presidents way of maintaining a less than desirable look at ISIS. He doesn't want to admit in public that ISIS is anything still but a 'J.V.' team. It doesn't serve his purpose or agenda to say ISIS.  I did hear a funny fact on the radio talk shows this week. Obama has been named the top gun salesman of the year....again! Anytime he opens his mouth about guns, sales skyrocket. It's kind of ironic, but funny as well.

     We are facing a grave decision this year. Grave used in this sense means: dire, fraught with danger and grievous repercussions. Who do we choose as our next president? I agree that neither of the candidates are stellar in any way. However, If I choose Hilary, I have to ask myself this question: How would I feel or what would I do if it were my son and daughter who died in Benghazi? If I were a person who knew about the secret server that she kept in her home and now I was facing a Congressional Panel, having to take the 5th on every question asked, how would I feel? I have to cover-up for a corrupt, lying and dangerous career instigator of criminal behaviour, not knowing if I was going to end up in prison, while she walks free? Her vision for America is to destroy it from within. Think of her as the female Hitler of our time. Think about how she stood, solemnly, as the caskets of the four Benghazi dead, were taken from the plane. She stood there knowing good and well, as the person she called 'close friend's' remains filed past her, she ignored his request for extra security, his memos of how thing in Benghazi were getting dangerous, how the terrorists had blown a hole in the embassy walls, and in front of the Benghazi investigation committee she made that famous statement, "At this point, what difference does it make?". At what point, Hilary, did anything make a difference to you?

     Trump. Not a politician. Big, brass statements. Creates a stir, good or bad, wherever he goes. People want to cause commotions at his rallies, with one even trying to pull an officers gun to try to shoot him. (Oh, by the way, it's not the conservatives who are kill crazy). He wants to secure our borders, prevent illegal immigration, make America Great Again. He wants to bring good paying jobs to hard hit urban areas so they can be proud again and help make those good paying jobs drive the need for crime from their slums that NAFTA created. He wants trade between our country and others to be fair and balanced. Good economy building. However, he comes across as almost racist at times. So what. Illegal immigration and Obama's open flood gate to refugees is killing our country! Oh but that would interfere with what Obama plans. 

     If you take a male and female gerbil and make them the new pets in your farm, left unchecked, your farm will be overrun by gerbils and choke out all of the other efforts you are doing on your farm. The same goes for allowing unchecked illegal immigration and an open door policy to Muslim refugees. Before long, they start playing bigger roles in our county's election processes, replacing American values and beliefs with their twisted Islamic ideology. Then there comes the filling of Federal Judges positions, Congress, Senate and eventually a President, all the while destroying our Constitution. Yes, I've added 1 + 1 and came up with 2. It's easy and simple to see, IF you open your eyes and clear the liberal lies from your brain!

     Last but not least: THE BLACK COMMUNITY DESERVES TO BE ENSLAVED! That is one hell of a statement by any one's standards! Here they are, screaming for Hilary. Haven't they had enough of Obama's enslavement? Nope, they need another Massa cracking the whip! See, Black America, years ago, a simple, yet charismatic man, learned the law and one day became the most powerful man in the World. He was a sorrowful man, watching his nation tear itself apart, the loss of his son and hatred everywhere. Yet this Republican fought hard against the Democrat side of Congress to pass an Amendment to the Constitution to free all men, because he believed all men were created equal. Then came the day of the vote on his amendment. The bells in Washington D.C. began ringing out the joy! The 13th Amendment to the Constitution had passed, wiping out once and for all, SLAVERY!  Yes, Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation gave slaves the right to make their way in this country, to build for themselves a positive place in our country. To take the money to themselves for the work they performed. Yes, a free America to all. Then came the Democrats anger which formed the Ku Klux Klan. Yep, Democrats again. They have fought hard throughout the years to destroy Black America, with drugs, crime and gang wars. Then came the new slavery: Subsidies. No, we're not talking about the Great Depression, we're talking about modern day. Give them subsidies and you'll keep them happy while they believe you care enough to take care of them. Sadly, it's working. 

     Black America, like all America, deserves more and better of our politicians. No fortune has been built on a subsidy check, nor will it ever.  True to his word, Trump is right. To bring our country financially back to its former prominence, hard choices have to be made. #1: The porous borders of our country must be sealed. All illegal immigrants, including children, must be sent back to their home countries. All the influx of Arab refugees must stop immediately. All who have arrived in America must either go to a willing country or sent back to theirs. Do I sound inhumane? I know I do. But, that's what happens to those who make those hard choices to save and preserve what is theirs. China, North Korea, ISIS, Russia and all the world that despises us, need to know we are back. The strongest, and deadliest military force the world has ever known, needs to rebuild and while doing so, repel all who would believe they can harm us, and do so so convincingly that they will bow their knee to the might of America. 

     Religious freedom must again become that...FREE! FREE OF ALL STATE INTERFERENCE! The First Amendment plainly states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Yes, that does include some we don't agree with, but you infringe on one, you infringe on ALL! There is no "Separation of Church and State" in the Constitution. As I have stated before, that was a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Church of Danbury. A letter, nothing more. I would say, "Pray". However, pray for God to place his hand on you and your family as End of Times and Christ's return draws near. In God and Jesus lie our only hope. Our trust in man has brought us to this brink. Look to God and step away from the brink. And study 'Humanism". You'll understand. I know you will.
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