Friday, March 11, 2016


     Well, I hope the liberals in St. Louis and Chicago are proud of themselves. Liberals again prove that the Constitution is written only for them, and then to rip apart to suit their needs and evil agendas. 

     I disagree with 99.9% of everything liberals stand for and say, yet you'll not find me blocking a doorway to a liberal speech, shouting them down, or causing violence just because they want to attend it or speak about it. See, I understand the Freedom of Speech applies freely to all, and that I disagree with them in no way allows me to punch them or block access to their events. They have the Right to enjoy that freedom according to the Constitution and I agree with the Constitution!

     What Liberals and the protester don't have the Right to do is deny me my Rights under the Constitution! Try to tell them that! Of course the police force the Trump supporters out of the arena, yet let the protesters create a scene of terror, violence and basically remove the Rights of the Trump supporters because they surrender to the crowd of Liberals to keep 'things' from getting out of hand! Gee, what happened to Democracy? Of course, seeing this is St. Louis and Chicago, the people no longer believe in a peaceful protest. Their intent is to force their will on others, destroying another part of the Constitution in favor of their evil lunacy.

     I don't agree with a lot of things Trump says as well, but Trump has the right to give his speech, and his supporters (and non supporters) have the right to listen to him. If we do not begin to ask for support from local authorities to barricade protesters in such a way that they can be heard, but in no way intimidate those attending the event, interact with them by screaming abusive language in their faces, strike them with their signs indicating their displeasure, or create an atmosphere that would cause the event to be cancelled in the need of 'Safety'. Really, you actually would allow protesters to create an atmosphere that would be unsafe? How about dispersing the protesters with 'flash bangs', tear gas, water cannons, or even using 'rubber ball' grenades, that when detonating, shoot out high speed rubber balls?

     Protesters are a norm in most countries, however, when a protest interferes with the rights of others to peacefully assemble, they have become a mob. Mob acts and mentalities cannot be allowed to rule in a civilized nation. I guess that's the rub. We are no longer a civilized nation. Mob rules take precedent over all other's rights. I blame liberal universities, professors, community organizers and a left wing establishment bent on destroying our country by eliminating our Constitution and Bill of Rights in favor of Socialism and Communism.

    I'll take a moment to pat myself on the back for such great insight, "Well said, Commrade!" Pat...pat. Like Hell! I'd rather be dead than red, and I'll take as many of you damn Socialists with me before I give up my life. I'm sure you damn liberals sons a' bitches will find an enormous 'mob' of Patriots headed your way, as well. Don't like America the way it is? Head on over to Russia, China, or North Korea and join their camp. They need more fodder for their sick agendas and the sad demise of their country!   
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