Wednesday, March 23, 2016


     "Take me out to the ballgame, let me look like a fool!
      I don't care that Brussels is suffering,
      Give me a hot dog and onion rings!

      So it's root, root, root for the Commie regime!
     They have cigars and suffering!  

     So it's, 1..2..3 more wins for the...ISIS...machine!"

     Yeah, I know, it's kinda corny...or is it? Again, Nero fiddles while the world burns. Obama is working hard to become trained at the feet of every Killer, Terrorist and Dictator. He is a limp wrist community organizer who has no respect for our country, it's people and the might we can wield again as the world's military giant.

     Every president has the lame duck year of his presidency. Comes with the territory, but Obama has been a lame duck for over 7 years now! For God's sake, when does this tyrant's reign of lameness end? When will the American people ever be free of his inability to do everything to destroy our country? 10 more months? Will we or our country survive? 

     I've heard people in the media ask the question, "Why is he befriending the wrong people and ignoring our friends?" Good question. You know how you get that little sensation at the back of your brain that something is amiss? I've got that feeling. I'm wondering and concerned about the very real possibility that Obama is prepping our country for its first Dictator. He stands by while businesses leave our country for cheaper wages in depressed countries, while our unemployment rate soars, entitlement requests rise, eliminating the blue collar worker and the middle class, leaving only the rich and the poor. Kinda sounds like communist countries that exist already. 

     As the election season continues, the barbs, accusations and lies fly back and forth, will we finally see a true American Champion emerge, not guided by an agenda, but rather by a heart that is faith based and a mindset to right the country because they care for the Constitution, the American People, and the Sovereignty of our nation and its security. A true champion who puts aside their wants, needs and ideas and replacing them in deference to our country, its people and their safety and welfare. 

     One can only hope and pray. A country on its knees (and I don't mean one that prays towards Mecca) is a country that has the ear of God. Anyone ready for prayer meetings and nightly prayers with our children again. God knows he's our only hope. Do you know that as well?

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