Monday, April 13, 2015


I did not post this for humour. There is no humor to be found. I posted it to remind Americans that during this Presidential Run, they should be reminded of how evil this woman is! Secretary of State and in the position to either send in more troops to protect our people in Benghazi, or pull them out, she decided to do NOTHING!! This is the same woman, who in front of a Congressional Committee investigating the failure of Benghazi and the politicians who had their thumbs stuck up their asses, she had the gall to make that heartless statement that should be heard by every American when they see her face, "At this point, what difference does it make?"

At this point, what difference do you think you mean to her, other than a vote? How do you think Ambassador Stevens might answer that question? A vote for Hillary Clinton, is a vote to continue to destroy America. Remember how she said they were broke when they left the White House, only to find out they had 400 million dollars? Another lie. Take time to dig up the dirt on this woman. It's easy to do. Oh, did you know she was fired during the Watergate fiasco for...wait for it...LYING!! She is a habitual liar and an evil that we need to forget, not promote.

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