Saturday, October 29, 2016


     I don't think I could make myself any clearer than the statement that I do detest Democrats as a whole, the insane liberals, the entrenched politicians (to be fair, both Democrats and Republican), but the top of the list I have a tie: Obama/Hillary. Both are despicable people, beyond anything I've seen in my lifetime. They give the Manson Family a run for their money when it comes to horrible people, committing horrible crimes against the AMERICAN PUBLIC! I want all politicians held to term limits, including Federal Judges and the SCOTUS. NO ONE SHOULD BE EMPOWERED TO HOLD A LIFETIME POSITION IN GOVERNMENT! If you serve as a Senator, you can't go back and serve as a Congressmen, or visa versa. Too much power corrupts, but complete power corrupts completely! I also agree with what Trump wants to do with lobbyists and who and who cannot be one, or how long you have to wait before you can! Geesh. Is it just me, or do we, the American Joe, keep getting poorer while the elites in Washington continue to feast on the finest? Did WE send them there to enrich their pockets or to help us? At what point did We The People lose sight and control of the situation? Are we willing to take control back?

     Now Comey comes out, 11 days before the election, reopening the Email Scandal. Obviously he didn't want to place himself in this position. Who would? He is probably the most hated man in America, especially if you're a Democrat or liberal. I wonder if the Comey family will receive an invite from the Lynch family to come to eat Thanksgiving dinner? I suppose what makes me smile the most about what Comey did, was that he did go against the flow. It took guts (or is he nuts?) to go up against the Obama regime. He basically stuck his thumb in Lynch's eye by going against her recommendations. Hey, it's your boss, and who hasn't ignored their boss at the job?? I know as a former manager in the automotive industry, there was always someone willing to buck the boss. Not for long, but they tried. In Comey's case, he did and there's not a dang thing Lynch can do about it! If she were to interfere in any fashion with the new investigation, she would place herself in a position that would show her true hand, not just to America, but to the world as well as part of the corruption that keeps rising to the Obama Administration's surface! I wonder, when Trump wins the election, how many of these corrupt people will immediately flee the country. You know, if Trey Gowdy becomes Attorney General, there's no one safe from prosecution. You break the law, he's coming and Hell's coming with him!!

     Let's talk about Obamacare. We hear about the skyrocketing costs for 2017. I know this to be a fact. My wife, who was paying $57 a month for an excellent plan, will now be paying $317 per month...180% increase. My wife and I are not spring chickens, and she has her share of health problems, however, when looking back at how much it cost Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee to insure her for the last year, they pretty much came out ahead. My wife was broken when she read the letter. We're on a fixed income, so where does the extra money come from? Her first statement was that she would just have to be uninsured. "No, honey, that won't happen" was my my response. "It's not you're going to be uninsured, we are just going to do without things that are not necessary." When you're on a fixed income, there's not a whole lot that's "not necessary". Still, she's the love of my life, so I will do without anything and everything to make sure she gets her diabetes medication and pay her copay for her doctor's appointments. What is a shame, we have both worked hard during our marriage to earn incomes so we could raise our sons, give them a fighting chance and most of what they needed, and some of what they wanted. Now we are faced with eating cat food, while I drive by the Human Services in our city and see all these lazy, worthless, bottom f the barrel feeders who refuse to work, yet draw a huge amount of food stamps, welfare and medicaid. They don't worry about getting sick, needing glasses, or doing without food. Need more food? More welfare money? Pop out another welfare baby. Disgusted is the word I use to keep from ripping off a whole sentence of profanities!

     Now that I have calmed myself down, I will ask you to fall back to earlier posts when I detail The Democrats Strategy of Enslaving Minorities With Subsidies. I may not have stated it that eloquently, but it is true. People will vote for you forever as long as they keep getting the freebies and the ability to lie around on their fat stinking butts, engorge themselves on food most of can only wish for, while living in 'subsidized' housing, not having to pay rent, water, electric or even maintenance. Their kids run amok, creating more crime and more welfare kids. Yeah...I'm pissed! Trump wants to put people back to work, but Hillary wants to keep them enslaved. That has been the Democrat way of doing business before the Civil War, and his been the hidden undercurrent of their party since. Most minority folks I have had the pleasure to work side by side with, would never stoop to that level because their eyes are open to what subsidies do to families who have no intention of improving themselves. 

     If people believe that Hillary Clinton's woes are due to James Comey, they are either ignorant or a died in the wool Yellow Dog Democrat and would accept a Hitler to keep a Republican out of office. James Comey has a mess on his hands, but he created the mess. He had more than enough to request a special prosecutor earlier in the year, but due to a weak spine then, he failed to do his job. I don't care how much heat he gets, he deserves it. Now, with that said, we can't take our eyes off who created all of this mess: Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, and all of the rest of the Democrat Evil Global Initiative. Yeah James, you got sucked in by them, but you've decided to become your own man, and be the head of the FBI for a change instead of a Lynch lapdog. About time!


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