Saturday, September 3, 2016


     This election season has shown, not only the American public, but the world as a whole that our country has gone to hell in a handbasket! We have the most unlikely and bizarre presidential candidates that I've seen in my lifetime! Hillary, she is as evil an individual that has come down the pike in a long while, is now the candidate for the Democrats. This selection tells you how warped and evil the Democratic Party has become! This woman has committed so many crimes in and out of office, that the regulars joes like us, would be brought up on treason and buried in a prison for eternity. Yet...she gets away with it? How? 

     I listen to the Democratic, liberal spokespeople and wonder how much marijuana they smoke each day! How can they defend such a criminal and say she would be the best choice for our country! What??? How many more emails, lies and criminal behaviour can they uncover and our DOJ does nothing? Loretta Lynch was highly touted by both Democrats and Republicans as being unbiased and a straight arrow prosecuter, well qualified for the job. Other than placating Black Lives Matter while making our police officers feel like the thugs and murderers that they are paid to protect us from! No, Loretta Lynch isn't going to do anything about Hillary. Remember, Hillary said Lynch would hold her position in a Hillary presidency. When Trump said this election is rigged for Hillary, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand to what he refers! Lynch is going to bite the hand that will feed her? She won't bite Obama's hand, so why would we believe she would Hillay's?

     Trump is the common citizens president. I love that he isn't politically correct. He's got that 'shove his boot up your rump' attitude. I don't fear him. You don't see all kinds of emails of his being released, criminal and unethical accptance of foreign donor money to his foundation (doesn't have one) while he was Secretary of State. He hasn't held public office, so he isn't corrupted by Washington elites, special interests or unethical or criminal money. What do you use to corrupt a multi-billionaire? Money? LOL. I like someone who isn't afraid to offend you for the right reasons. I like someone who will enforce laws already on the books, that the Democrats, liberals and the Obama administration choose to ignore, nor enforce. It doesn't fit into their 'let's turn this country into the new Middle East'. Trump won't apologize for America. He ram America down foreign country's throats if they don't toe the line. We used to have an America like that, and we lived in a relatively peaceful country. I want that country for my sons and their kids. 

     China's former communist Chairman, MaoTse-tung, said he would prefer half his population die, so the rest could eat their fill. Hillary reminds me of Mao. Her audacity to create havoc and hell for her own ambitions and benefits is pronounced in the way she has lived her life. I ask any of you, who are bored enough to read this, how can so many people ignore the obvious and see what they perceive as great? I wish I could say it was only her that we have seen, but Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and others also projected the same aura that hid the evil, and projected them as themsleves to be the people's saviour. I wonder how many of the 74 million who died because of Mao would agree with this country's liberals and Hillary supporters? How many of those that communist regime's ground into the ground as fodder would say Hillary was the best choice? All it takes is for masses to blind themselves to the reality of what a would-be tyrannt claims as necessary, when it is really the proverbial 'wolf in sheeps clothing' scenario. Hillary is bad. She is rotten to the core. The very look in her eyes is one of insanity. Her thirst for power overwhelms any possible good she could do.  

     Now, with Trump making the world sit up and take notice of America as once again about to become the 'sleeping tiger' that Isoroku Yamamoto spoke of after the Pearl Harbor attack, the left, liberals, liberal-biased media, and Democrats start the propoganda machine at full swing. So scared are the entrenched Republicans who are subject to become targets of a Trump presidency, suddenly jump ship and side with Hillary. Cowards and evil people, whose pockets have been lined with the money of the special interests that Trump is going after to stop them in their tracks. Yeah, they're running, not to benefit their constituents, rather for a tattered curtain of perceived protection in the Hillary camp. These Republicans need to be returned to reality, stripped of office and their luxrious retirement package for the fraud they have perpetrated on those who voted them into the office in the first place!

     Trump has said many times of using a vetting system to catch the bad who would try to sneak into our country. I find nothing, and I mean nothing wrong with that! However, even our American politicans need to periodically go through a vetting system that determines if they actually provide Americans with trust and true service. Man, that would empty Washington real fast!
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